Yea means Nay and Nay means Yea

So if you haven't noticed HB 6423 passed the senate in Connecticut's General Assembly. In an exercise in grammatical gymnastics it looks like the bill passed with 22 voting Yea and 12 voting Nay.

If you noticed the bill passed the house with a majority Nay vote! So not only did they change the the bill to confuse the people when the bill was submitted in the house, they changed it again when the bill was put on the floor in the Senate.

Anyone can see that this tactic is being used to confuse the people when calling their representatives telling them they are either for or against on a particular bill. When calling your representative to say whether you are for or against a particular bill in make sure you EXPLAIN your stance on the bill!

Telling them plainly that you are FOR or AGAINST a bill is not enough! They will take your vote and manipulate it without actually changing the bill.