Fight the good fight

End of the Conservatives?

How to “kill” the Conservative as a “lefty” without really killing them, but the results would be similar. Well in these tulmultuous times conservatives and “lefties” are in heated battle. Why bring more attention to the left by procreating violence don't smear the Democratic “good name” by giving conservatives more ammo to use against you. I present to you the ultimate Democratic “ace in the hole”...the conservatives who you hate don't deserve your anger or bullets, they just aint worth it, kill them with kindness and rally to support those you hate, make them one of you by supporting and speaking highly of them, the people see with their eyes and if they see a hated conservative embraced by your side well then, they don't look so conservative do they. Make their support base your support base by creating the appearance of amicable and working relationships, confuse the “tide” and the conservative has no where to hide, they can't raise themselves up on their pedestals. If I could make a suggestion, I would start with Dan Bongino, he's a noted liar, received the vaccine and is all about making money his support would be ideal for your cause, don't eliminate your enemies make them one of you, the damage done by betrayal would end all conservative financial support and reduce the opposition greatly. Bongino's template is very easily compromisable and could be a great weapon for your cause.