Hello there, and welcome!

Not being strong on the incipits i'll go straight to the point and i'll say i'm starting to feel the urge to write and put everything on paper or, in this case, on screen.

I've always been an avid reader, from childhood yeah, just like many other kids out there; many days and nights spent on dusty books, glasses precariously balancing on my nose and head stuck to the page unwilling to let go.

Years passes by, we grow up, our passions evolve and change but never let us go, for they are “passions” and are engraved in heart and soul and what's of the heart cannot be easily washed away by time.

This change light up sparks of news into my mind and that's the reason i'm writing and, you, reading.

Sometimes thoughts needs space to be expressed but my brain tend to be like a “messy” cloud storage provider, sometimes i forget the password, sometimes it's lacking uptime, some other times “daily hackers” steals from it and i end up empty handed an thoughtless.

And while i start walking, a frog jumps in the pond.

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