Motivational Tantrum

My dear Reader,

Sometimes we only need some encouragement, nothing more than a nice word in the right moment, like a push in the right direction preventing you to fall from the cliff and granting you safe ground and a nice view.

I need this, and you do too.

Sometimes we only need to be listened to, we need to talk freely, free from any fear, free from any judgement, free to express how we feel, what we think, what we want.

I need this, and you do too.

Sometimes we only need to be allowed to take off our masks, to stop being the character and start being the actor; to watch and be watched back in the eyes.

I need this do too.

Do not feel ashamed if sometimes you feel lonely, weak or left behind; we're in this together, you're not a lone white star in the black sky, there is many of you, or me, out there, so many white dots to paint a galaxy.

Maybe everyone is like us, just not honest enough to admit it.

Maybe we are rogues, just honest enough to admit it.

We are slaves to our roles, our societal roles which people expect us to conform to; the funny ones with our friends, the productive and assertive ones at work, the slightly absent yet loving relatives.

I think i can break free from this; i will need time, i will need work, i will need patience, but i can be more...

I am more, or at least i think i am, at least i hope i am, at least i hope we are.

I need someone to give me this speech once in a while.

I hope you do too.

Today I hope to be that someone, for you.

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