Perhaps, and please indulge me, not everything needs to be monetised.

It's counterintuitive, I know. I've been trained, like we all, to look for new streams of revenue promising freedom and security and exponential growth so I keep on looking (subconsciously or not) for another channel of income to flow

It's all oh so appealing but, perhaps, not everything needs to be monetised.

Wait, what about profit and scaling? What about paying for my basic needs? I need to monetise my time, advice, care, talents. It's not only good, it's necessary.

Perhaps. Or...

Is there an alternative way of being? And if not, then can I imagine it to exist? And if not here (I know, it's tricky), then in a parallel world, with no constraints.

Perhaps. Perhaps there is a way. My heart indeed tells me so, even if my mind disagrees.

I respectfully notice your objections, but I've learnt to trust my heart. Mind is too easy to trick and the forces of culture know all the right ways to keep me stuck monetising myself to death.

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