Thoughts coming from the perspective of a freelance musician

Whenever I have an out of town music gig, I go through a checklist of items to confirm are packed and ready to go before leaving. Nearly all are the standard items (horn, mouthpiece, music and/or tablet to read music, gig clothes, street clothes, phone/tablet charger) but I've begun including a few items that are not normally thought of.

Since I have moved away from a smartphone in the last month, I'll bring my Kindle along for when I have time to kill. And since I have a food sensitivity, I always bring activated charcoal, both on my person and in my toiletry bag. I really never know what food I am going to be provided or have the option of so for me, it's better to be safe than sorry (and for those unfamiliar, it's a wonderful home remedy for nearly any stomach ailment). And speaking of food, for multiple days away, I've been bringing along a box or two of Clif bars. Not only are they safe for me to eat, they work as great snacks or part of a meal.

It's always good to be overly prepared when away from home.

Steve Smith: Three Card Molly

Something the combo I run just now started to work on. Nice tune written by Elvin Jones.

OT: Pistoff Kristoff Cigar Review at Leaf Enthusiast

My review of the Pistoff Kristoff for Leaf Enthusiast. A fine, but strong hitting cigar.

I'm a little bit bummed that I broke my goal to write everyday but the last two days have been super busy. Snowpocalypse arrived bringing a ton of the white stuff and the urge for everyone to make french toast. It also brought about a canceled gig this weekend out of town. So I gained a free weekend...the only one for the next couple of months. No complaining here.

Rest your face, hands, voice or whatever you use to play. Stay hydrated – drink some water while you relax (or crash for the night). As a brass player, there is nothing wrong with using some sort of lip balm post-playing. I'm a big believer in Silver Gel but there are dozens to use out there. It makes playing the next day a hell of a lot easier.

You don't want to show up to a gig where you are missing a couple horn parts that are part of arrangements. I did just this and found two mistakes on the uploads to ForScore on my iPad. Always good to double check everything before a gig.

Jazz from Estonia

I have a couple of trombone students that are working on improvisation spending time on Cantaloupe Island. I happened upon this video the other day and enjoyed it.

Not only for when you need to know when your next gigs and rehearsals are, but also for when you can plan out your practice time to prepare for gigs (and sometimes rehearsals too). It's also useful for when you have children and you have to play “Who's home with the kids tonight?” while the other is out.

How to treat a deep splinter under the fingernail

I bet anyone reading this can guess what I have been dealing with this weekend...

OT: Brave Browser

If you've never checked out the Brave browser before (or in my case, at least a year since I have used it), take a look. I'm amazed at how fast it runs and it allows for use of my preferred password manager. Plus everything that should come standard in a browser.