What is Orthodontics Of Smile Direct Club Vs Byte According to the dictionary, orthodontics is dentistry aimed at the development of regular teeth. "Ortho" is the Greek word for right and "odontos" for tooth. The goal of orthodontics is good functioning teeth that look good and are easy to keep clean. Still, that's only half the story. An orthodontist is not only concerned with straightening teeth, but also with growth and adjustment of the smile direct club vs byte jaws for a beautifully harmonious profile. More Than Straight Teeth: Also here at OrthoMosa we not only straighten teeth, but we look a lot further. Not only the position of your teeth is important, but also the position of the jaws. If the jaws do not fit together properly, only aesthetic results can be achieved. The teeth may be straight, but an overbite, open bite or crossbite may persist. Start On Time: We look at (milk) teeth from a young age. From the age of 8 to 9. This way we recognize any problems early and can respond adequately. That is why we screen for thumbs, incorrect swallowing, mouth breathing, incorrect jaw relationship, crooked growth, lack of space and premature loss of baby teeth. Optimal Result: The view that you do not yet have to go to ortho, because you have not yet been exchanged, is outdated. If you switch (too) late or not completely, the orthodontic treatment may be more complicated and take longer. Sometimes optimal results are no longer feasible. For example, habits can no longer be unlearned or an overbite can no longer be corrected when children are older. Braces that widen the jaw only work when your child is still in the growth spurt. After that less or no more. A late start of orthodontic treatment is also the reason why many adults with a wrong jaw relationship only have their teeth straightened (aesthetic / cosmetic treatment) and do not opt for a functional treatment (often accompanied by dental surgery). They were not screened in time in their youth. Total Plan: Treatment in adults is often more than just braces. As mentioned, the jaw position is of great importance. The adult teeth have often already had a few things to do. For example, gingivitis, wear or loss of jaw bone. And what to do with wisdom teeth and missing teeth? In order to use an integrated approach, it is important to make a total plan in advance. We also combine whitening the teeth and adjusting the shape of teeth with alignment through the braces. This sometimes happens before, but usually after the orthodontic treatment. We work together with various specialists of smile direct club vs byte. Consider, for example, your own dentist, dental hygienist or periodontist. But also speech therapists, osteopaths, ENT doctors and oral surgeons. Source URL: https://www.davisdentalservices.com/ https://www.startribune.com/variety/taste/