Persuasive Essay Outline Helps You to Organize Your Arguments

Persuasive Essay Outlines can assist the Essay Writer to Present the Argument in an Organised Fashion

A well planned and organized essay with reddit best essay writing service will set it self apart from the rest and get noticed by the reader as good reading material. In order to achieve this it is important to use an outline, be it an informative essay outline, persuasive essay outline or any other. An outline will help the writer organize the main idea and the subsidiary points of the essay. By outlining your essay all the important details which you need to include in your essay will be apparent to you. If you have an essay rubric or a marking scheme with you, then tally the main components of these documents with the outline you are drawing up. Depending on the type of essay, different sub sections will need to be considered for the outline. We will discuss the essential elements to be included in an outline meant for facilitating a persuasive essay paper.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Before we draw up an outline for this essay, we must know what it is. Everyone is good at trying to persuade others into believing what they say, whether it’s about some mundane topics such as weather or food or about a serious subject as euthanasia. How do we do this? We present some logical argument backed by convincing evidence which we feel will authenticate our argument. The same principle applies for a persuasive essay. Your essay objective is to try and convince the reader of the validity of your point of view. You will do this with the use of logical reasoning backed by sound evidence and facts.

Preparing for the Outline

Before you begin the task of writing an essay outline, it is necessary for you to ask yourself what your argument is. What are you trying to make your reader believe and how will you do it? Keep in mind that your argument should have sufficient information to back you up. Brainstorm the key points which you will include in your essay and the number of sub arguments or supporting points in the essay.

Format of Essay outline

Your outline should have a title. This can be a working title for the initial purpose. This is followed by the introduction. Make a note of the need for a thesis statement in this section. If you have one or two arguments, each topic should be written with supporting evidence. Once all arguments have been supported with evidence conclude by summarizing the whole. To make it easier for the essay writer, below is a draft of what an outline should include:

  1. Essay title
  2. Introduction which includes the thesis statement.
  3. First argument with supporting evidence.
  4. Second argument with supporting evidence.
  5. Third argument with supporting evidence
  6. Conclusion with a summary of the main points.
  7. Reference list

Make note that the number of arguments in the body section will depend upon whether you are writing a short essay or a long essay as well as the depth at which you are writing the essay

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