Fourth month for gFam

Hello hello!

We've been sharing the various statistics and analytics for the gFam platform while we've been up and running. Here is:

💙 First month for gFam

💙 Second month for gFam

💙 Third month for gFam

This will be our last month using Google Analytics though. The extremely excellent Benny has made the point to us a number of times that gFam can't claim to respect our users privacy if we're using Google. We agree and will switching over to a new analytics provider as soon as we click Publish on this post.

Thanks Benny!

This is yet another example of how the incredible Coil community supports each other. It's a huge thing to be a part of.


We're still trending downwards in terms of overall users...

We're not super concerned with this since we've been busy developing instead of pushing our social media channels. We expect the next few months to be a bit quiet...

... that said, we are incredibly humbled and appreciative for the core group of creators that supports gFam each week. We love your posts and the stories you share with us.

We announced last week that gFam creators can now web-monetize their posts as well as receive tips. gFam now only receives micropayments if a Coil Subscriber is on the main page or spends time on a post that is not added in their ILP details.

As such we've seen a huge drop in the XRP collected by gFam. Last month we collected 61 XRP, and this month we collected 11 XRP.

This is a graph of our active users since we started. Some serious down trends here, with all of these numbers half or worse than last month... yikes.

This post of NickelNDime is still the most popular post of all time with 61 views, 2 comments and 34 XRP tipped.

However, Nickel should be super worried because this post by the delightfully weird Tahlia has been quickly closing in...

2 months ago Mobile was at 63% and last month it rose to 72%. Regardless we're still developing with mobile mostly in mind.

This is where the traffic from gFam comes from:

Direct has shrunk from 40%, which is people accessing the site from URL or bookmarks, etc.

Referrals went up 5%, which was all because of this award that we're currently in the running for:

HackerNoon's Noonies 2020 : Best Web Monetization Innovator

We'd absolutely love your vote.

Please log in with your Google account – it gives you a +10 vote instead of a +1 vote.

We've slipped to 2nd place, and estimate we need about 600 points (or 60 people voting +10) to get back into the lead.

38% of our referral traffic came from that link above.

Social (green segment in the pie chart) went down 9%, which is understandable since we haven't been spending much time there...

Instagram seems to be carving a bigger percentage each month which is nice... but honestly it doesn't mean that much if we haven't been creating content for that platform.


An increase of 40 tweets and 68 followers since last month.


An increase of 6 posts and 10 followers since last month.


An increase of 9 followers and 1000 monthly viewers from last month.

We've got analytics set up for Pinterest

Last month we had 2,345 impressions, 31 close ups, 15 saves and 2 link clicks with 47 pins... obviously with only 10 pins added in the month we're doing way worse now...

Pinterest seems to need constant activity to get any traction.


We've written 103 posts on Coil and gained 2 followers in the last month. Our upvotes are all over the place, but we think the average is about 8.

Here are the general user analytics for gFam.

Users, new users and sessions are all down from last month but literally everything else is up, suggesting that we have a core group of creators that spend more time on the platform. That's pretty exciting.

Thanks for reading our analytics post. We know it's not super mega exciting or terribly ground-breaking, and it might not be for a few months while we spend more time on development than marketing but after that we're hoping to bring a ton of new people into the Coil ecosystem.

As we said at the top of the post, we're throwing Google Analytics into the bin, so expect a whole different style of post for next month.

Thanks for getting this far. If you have any questions, please let us know on Twitter.