Second month for gFam

So, ah, we thought we posted our First month for gFam post around this time last month.... ah, we were wrong... this first post was on the 19th... we got it wrong by a whole week... whoops.

Anyway, we thought we'd share the analytics of the gFam platform, especially since Coil doesn't provide any statistics or details.

Below is our daily user graph, showing a total sideways trend...

We haven't put any effort into getting the word out about the platform yet. We're still working on a few features before we really start to push it out to the public.

We'll really be aiming to convert Instagram users over to gFam and then into the Coil ecosystem. Anyway, that's the excuse for not growing in the last month... give us a break, alright, growing is hard.


gFam is Coil-enabled... and so from those 494 users that are Coil Subscribers, gFam has raised 159.3 XRP so far!

Of course, every XRP raised by gFam flows straight back to the creators of the platform in the form of tips.

This is a graph of our active users. It's almost identical to the active users in our first month...

The most popular post was NickelNDime drinking a cup of coffee with 46 views, 2 comments and 34 XRP tipped.

The graph below shows the makeup of devices that use the site... again no real surprises there...

The channels analytics is still pretty surprising...

3 users got to gFam via Google, which we thought was super surprising, until we Googled 'gfam' and we're in 10th place... a massive improvement on 39th place last month.

The direct segment is people getting to gFam from browser bookmarks or getting the link directly from their URL bar... which essentially means that 57% of hits are repeat traffic...

We're getting all our referral traffic from Coil and MG.Social which is not surprising, but lovely.

In the social segment, 94% is from Twitter which is a drop from 100% last month. 2 views came from our Instagram account, 6 came from Facebook which is super confusing because we haven't put any content on Facebook at all.

Here is the user breakdown... very, very similar to the breakdown of last month, but with bigger numbers.

*Please note that gFam does not retain any user data at all. All the stats above are anonymous, and the only data we retain on our users is their userid and the Xumm address. That's it.

Obviously we have nothing to on-sell to 3rd parties like the majority of social media platforms. Traditional social media platforms should pay you if they're making money off your data, or using your content to get views for their advertisers. Take back your data!