Sixth month for gFam

Hi everyone!

We can't believe we've been up and running for 6 months already! It both feels like forever ago and just yesterday since our friends created their first posts on the platform...

Welcome to our stats and analytics for the gFam platform. We've been tracking and sharing our analytics from the very first moment and so here are previous months:

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In the past we've made these posts purely about our analytics, but we'd now like to include everything that's happening in the gFam world to stay as transparent as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter.

Project Update

We've recently enabled both XUMM and Coil authentication.


This means that users can now log on either with their email and password, or with their XUMM account credentials or with their Coil account credentials. We're trying to make sure users can log on as easily as possible while maintaining top-notch security.

Users can now swipe or click across posts.

The majority of our global family using their mobile devices to interact with gFam, and so you're now able to swipe across in one post to the next post... on a desktop browser these little arrow buttons appear when you put your mouse on an image...


All posts are web-monetized!

When a Coil subscriber is logged in to gFam and they click on someone's post, then this little Christmassy browser icon should light up.

This means that the creator is collecting micropayments while the subscriber is reading their content.

If you're a Coil creator, then go to your gFam Profile page in the menu and press the Connect Account to Coil and authorize the connection between gFam and Coil.

You'll then see your ILP payment pointer updated and the button change to Coil Connected.


When a Coil subscriber spends time on posts that are not connected to Coil, then the gFam platform itself will receive those micropayments to help pay for server costs, etc.

Progress on Objectives

We're progressing well on setting up User Profiles so we can see all of a user's posts as well as their statistics, bio and social media handles. We're aiming to have this functionality available on the 1st of February 2021.

Communications and Marketing

As you'll see in the analytics below, we've been pretty lax in our communications and marketing lately... we've mainly been in heads down building mode, but we'll spend more effort in this arena in the led up towards the 1st of February.

What's next?

This week we're kicking off a marketing project to figure out the pain points creators have monetizing their content on Instagram and Tik Tok to help us establish our mission statement, branding messages and to figure out the questions; 'who should we market to and how'?

We'll also be asking companies/brands how they might want to use gFam to micro-motivate their customers instead of advertising to them. This ties nicely into AussieNinja's personal dream for gFam.

What community support would benefit gFam?

We're busy building and we have very clear objectives for the next couple of months BUT this is exactly the time we want to hear your ideas, pain points, comments and questions regarding the current status of the platform and roadmap.

We've recorded all suggestions and comments thus far and tried to work them into our roadmap, but we're not in your heads, so please let us know what you think...

We'd also love if you could try and introduce gFam to one non-crypto friend and then let us know how that went, and if there were any technical or conceptual issues.... this will help us pinpoint trouble areas or develop materials to help people 'get it'.

gFam Analytics

As we mentioned last month, anyone can see our analytics by following this link... which is also available as the last link at the bottom of the right-hand panel on the main page.


In October 1.1k unique site visits and 3.4k site views.

In November we only had a little bit less...

This is all sorts of amazing considering October had the Noonies and GftW announcements and November was really just business as usual. This is reflected nicely in the Average Time on Site metric doubling in November. This is the kind of metric that really warms our hearts.

At the end of our 5th month, we had earned 239 XRP in microtransactions and 8 XRP in October. November we also earned 8 XRP, but the value our XRP went from $57 to $150, so that's lovely...

Most popular post for November was once again the incredible Seth Stanley, but for this work of art:

Seth received 85 views, 16.5 XRP and 15 comments... amazing.

The 2nd most popular post was this gem by SethStanley. What a dude!

Traffic sources are always interesting to us, however, this month there's no real insights to be gleaned from this...

iPhones killed it in October on gFam, but it looks like Chrome is biting back...

We've had a couple of new users join us from Italy thanks to the incredibly supportive Nazario, so it's no surprise that Italy is in 2nd spot. Australia dropped from 2nd to 5th, the Netherlands and Thailand dropped off completely and Nicaragua and the UK are doing amazingly...

Our Twitter account had 343 tweets and 451 followers and had grown 31% from the previous month. In November we grew by 1 follower, which is a perfect example of how little effort we put into marketing last month.

Our Instagram was similarly non-growthy... 450% growth in October and 0% growth in November.

Talking to marketing firms it sounds like to really grow on traditional social media you need 5 Instagram posts a day and 15 Tik Tok posts a day. This is another example of how those algorithms absolutely rule everything. We're excited to offer a far more mentally healthy alternative.

Our Pinterest didn't just stall... we went from 5.4k monthly viewers to 1.2k monthly viewers. Pinterest really does demand constant interaction.

We've still never had a single person click through to the gFam platform from Pinterest so we're not sure how much effort we should continue to put into it... this is exactly the kind of insight we're hoping to get from the marketing firm over the next couple of weeks.

We hope this post was of some interest to you... we've got a lot to be excited about! Please contact us on Twitter with any comments or questions!

Click on the below tweet to reply directly if that's easier...

Thanks for reading!