Garden Of The Void

This page is made for my new world, I like to call the garden of the void. There are stories that take place within the mortal world, some within the dream

What is the Garden of the void?

It is a personal project of mine, something I have been building for the last year or so. It started out as something inspired by destiny and the Dc source wall. Now it has evolved into something more, this is where I will be putting my stories, short and long. Some about the cosmic scale of the world and others about the slice of life within the world. In this, I will go over some stuff about the verse and explain some terms I will be using. That way I can focus on the story and not give long-winded explanations of the words like “Archetype”.


The Black Beach

When I awakened, everything was different. My body felt...unreal. The world around me held no similarity to home. Not in the slightest. It was like the very thing that made my world longer held sway over me.


Devil Of Sheve codex: Clavik. “I am the silence at night, the hunter of the abyss and killer of axioms. My blades are dripped in a wicked and yet rightful fire.

I dance across the gate and abyss. I dance across Dream and the False Idol. I dance and slay the unworthy. I spread the knowledge of my father. He who has infinite wisdom, he who shapes origin, and thus I shape it too. He who manipulates the boundaries of all kinds, thus I am free from bondage.

To shape reality, to shape truth, to shape the boundary of real and unreal. To shape the physical, metaphysical and pataphysical. To shape imagination and its solutions.

The Dream, perfect in the face of the idol. A statehood onto itself and yet imperfect compared to my form. It is a droplet of water on a leaf, as I am the infinite cosmos.

I shall shape this Dream and the false idol in the way of my father. It will be for his aethereal vault.”

Written by Ghost59 Legal name: Anthony Simmons

The Garden of The Void: Birth of The Dream. “The garden sang, its flowers bloomed. Their seeds spread and grew into a formless light. This light grew into a Dream, that which had no end or beginning. That which is supernal and cast an infinite shadow below. The shadow, imperfect in every way. Those below, subjected to those above. Those above, facets of the Godsoul and limited by its supernal nature.

The Dream grew, it's soul evolving and entering a state of transcendence.
Only for it to be devoured by the garden's hunger. A ravenous might, the eater of Dreams and the planter of new seeds. A Mother stood in the vast garden, A Father walked about his movements unbound. They stared at the infinitesimal Dream, only for it to be devoured. The flowers bloomed again; this majestic creation is greater. This Dream is different from the others, still a formless GodSoul and yet more. The Elysium Gates formed around it, and from within, the dream was made safe from the void's hunger. The mother and father looked at the new creation, their knights and devils charged to claim it for them.

Two sides created, The Void's meleks awakened from dreaming of terrible nightmares. They twitched and moved in a way not even the Father could understand. They would watch this seed grow; from the gates, the protectors were born. They would guard the seed of creation, the seed of a formless dream. They would fight the Knights and the Devils, creatures only limited by their makers.

Two wars had begun and a third yet to be. At the heart of all the conflict, they wait and grow. Until the Void calls the dream home. “

Written by Ghost59 Legal name: Anthony Simmons

Knight of Eve Codex: Munkar “I am a knight, whose blades slice through dream and false idol alike. I cut a path for my Great Mother, She who understands the steps. A pathway that spreads into an infinite metaphysical pattern, the underlining structure to the false idol. I travel across this path, as an assassin of Mother Eve.

I follow it with her guidance. I exist beyond it, not like a shadow to a man born in the world of matter. But as a being birthed from the Dream to a man.

I cut this path, and shape this world in the ways of my Mother. I slice at the falsehoods, where those Bannik enjoys their false existence. I cut into those that live within the Dream, a far more fundamental and true existence. That which the GodSoul creates and spreads across the vast gate that protects it. A gate I traveled across, slaying custodians along the way. Creatures born from the structure and sworn to protect the Soul. A thing that is encompassed within the vast and infinite gates, It was an infinitesimal speck of dust surrounded by the vast fundamental darkness.

The Dream will grow and the darkness, that which true nothingness spreads. Shall be cased back into the Garden, where the twitching meleks watch as this seed develops.

The path shall be set and this creation, shall belong to Mother Eve. “

Written by Ghost59 Legal name: Anthony Simmons

The door to the café opened and Sam entered. His long wavy hair swept into the air as the door closed behind him. He held two books in the left hand and a cell phone in the right, his eyes staring at the phone. A group of people chatted about to the left of him, engaged with a growing argument. Their anger grew and yet Sam paid them no mind as he walked to the cashier. His eyes removed themselves from the flatted screen and greeted a pair of bright blue eyes. A smile spawned across Sam's face and he began to speak. “Howdy! How are you this fine morning?” The cashier smiled back, “I am good, How are you stranger?” she replied. “You know how it is Kate, just riding that wave of probability. Seeing where it takes me and which choice will be placed into my hands.” He said. “Well, Let's start you off with a drink and can you tell your friends to claim it down over there. Don't want to bring out the gun again and threaten them.” She said winking at him. “I will have them relaxed by the time you bring that vanilla mocha” Sam moved away from Kate and headed toward the group. They stared at him as he approached, completely quiet and hesitant.
“Did she threaten to bring out the gun again?” One of them asked, his eyes filled with worry. “Yes, Jeff she did. So do me favor and relax, you are all in a public space. What is the argument about anyway?” Sam replied. Jeff glared at Kate before looking back at Sam, “Well Isaac over here believes the waves of probability have changed due to our direct infliction of causality. I simply explained to him how it is wrong and that the change in causality is not a direct effect on the waves of probability.” Jeff said, Lifting up his glasses in a smug expression. “That's completely impossible as the waves of probability are affected by the causal nature of the universe.” Isaac replied. Sam sighed and looked at Kate who had his drink. “This is going to be a long day.” Sam said, accepting the drink. “Well make it short” Kate replied

Written by Ghost59 Legal name: Anthony Simmons

It was a late night when a group of friends and I were on our way home from a business party. I had to be a good boy and stay sober, getting them home safely. Drinking was never a thing for me anyway, I just enjoyed the networking and building of my small yet lucrative business. Most of the people in the car were passed out, except for Ben, who always had this weird, not getting drunk effect, or at least when he felt like it. Maybe it was an Ishfalen thing, something that was completely unique to them. Whatever it was, I was glad not to be the only one awake during the drive. The road was bare, except for a few cars that passed by. The Stars danced within the night sky, glowing with a majestic might. The car highlighted the tree’s red surface, flattened leaves Falling with smooth grace.


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