It’s Friday. That means a weekly sermon day. Today I listened to a propaganda. Telling people not to share fake news that will damaged people and organizations. Well, recently that’s a lot of new that damaged people and organizations but it’s not fake news. It’s a real news. Obviously those sermon are written by those affected. Since they still have the power to do it.

5 minutes to 12. Time to stop.


Had fun exercising today. Did more than I usually do. Felt good.

Feeling a bit under the weather tonight. Hopefully not covid. The first one was bad enough for me.

Had dinner with family. It was fun.


Tried asking for a new job. Nothing available. T_T Might need to borrow some money.

Changed to new carrier. Hopefully everything is fine with this one.

I'm going to be out of eggs in a few days. Back to my normal diet. Still can't get rid of tons of belly fat.

Miss a day post yesterday. So, i'll start the challenge to write everyday starting today.


Almost broke my brother's pc after replacing the CMOS battery. The pc kept beeping after i turn it on. 4 long beep, 1 short, restart, repeat.

Then i reseat the ram, cpu a few times. It's finally okay.

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Suddenly got reminded of wordpress blog. Scrolling freshly pressed page for blog recommendation to read. Doing the daily challenge. Lovely comment system especially coming from blogger.

Dear journal, I got paid today. Finally! I was worried. Didn't want to push the guy, i know he's in difficult situation too. Now i can pay the loan. XD The plan is till on too.

Like it says. I'm back. Someone told me i should keep a record of my life somewhere.

Second day of fasting. Ate some fried squid with meat soup. Protein shake. Let’s stop questioning why i did this.

Saying hi to the group. No one reply back. Why i care so much. I should figure it out by now that no one like me. T seems unattached. I just wasted my energy crying for no reason. He already make it perfectly clear that I’m just a friend.


Still thinking where i should stay. Far or close. Less money or more. Free or not. As much as i love staying here, i hate it too sometimes.