Unexplainable disproportionality

You can use this link interrogate the Stop & Search data about Gloucestershire Constabulary.

This official data when viewed by Ethnicity is shown, like so.

However, a stacked bar chart would better show the extent of this obvious disproportionality which the Constabulary seems unable to explain.

I demanded that these issues be discussed at the October Stop & Search Scrutiny Panel, but informed by the Chair that they could not due to lack of time.

The reason there is no time is because Scrutiny, and therefore transparency, has been cut by 66%. A recent Constabulary decision has decreed that Scrutiny Panel meetings are now quarterly, not monthly.

As if to avoid addressing the issue in its entirety the draft Police and Crime Plan makes no reference to “Stop & Search”, “bame”, “diversity”, “minority” or “disproportional”.

Disproportionate use of police powers cannot be avoided and needs to be addressed.