Today I’ve finally finished reading very hard book and finally overcame and survived a two-day feverish cold. It feels good to finally turn the page over — and start reading something else, so I’ve started two books — “Undoing yourself...” by S. Hyatt and “Пути познания Востока и Запада” (“Ways of knowledge in East and West”) by Evgeny Torchinov. I’m still reading Radov and some manga before I go to sleep and in the meantime, so all my language slots are occupied and I hope that’ll help to keep all languages in check.

Not only languages but also tongue(s) and ears — I’ve lucky enough to tutor both languages I know to people who speak language I study, and that’s an experience I recommend to anyone learning foreign language. Of course, it doesn’t always go smoothly, because some trivial and whatso things (i.e. ‘yarn’) did not exist in my reality-tunnel and dictionary while sometimes present in learning course or lives of other people — and because mutual learning doesn’t go smooth if it’s effective.

Also, I can only imagine how horrified native speakers must be when I tell them that I’m teaching innocent people english. But then again that is a good motivation for me to join local language clubs and enroll in phonetic course — maybe someday I’ll be so good that people recruiting ‘native speakers only’ will cry and condone the day they’d decided to employ such discriminating recruiting method — of course, that isn’t that likely, but I’ll try nonetheless.

While I’m not hit that hard by language interference — not unless you wake me and abruptly ask questions that requiring thinking — I’ve felt it when re-learning guitar scales because I had to merge my knowledge of solfeggio and my zero knowledge of ABCDGE musical notation which made no sense to me for a long time, because I kinda missed the notion of it having a connection to the alphabet. Yeah. Now it’s in the past.

Anyway a lot of stuff and events are going to happen soon — so I feel comfort in my social links and apparently affection, which I receive in doses surpassing these that I’ve grown accustomed to. Last achievements of interest — I’ve learned that my appearance seems to some people as one of Vikings and managed to write a short story in two hours, which I for myself liked. But we’ll see how it branches out.