Living the Slaughterhouse

As I'm spending my last days in the capital visiting relatives, doing laundry selling things and from tomorrow finally trying to get cured, life's quite balanced and carefree. Current occupation: reading Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five and humming songs without lyrics. My activities are limited by insomnia and skin issues, yet that is no reason not to share potentially good information.

MAIN: In case you like to feel like a pillar (for example, of the sky or maybe a community; unpoethical synonym is “a cog in the machine”), there is a great RIPE ATLAS project that may be of interest. Basically you apply for a probe, that is essentially like a tamagochi except all it needs is power and your natural network connection. Low-expectations tamagochi – that periodically sends updates to RIPE and runs: 1. basic network tests 2. user-defined network tests If these two points spark interest in you – I admire you! In reality, these test may be anything from site accessibility tests to a country-level censorship measurements and provide public data on network health. Probes are low-end ARM boards in a tiny case, so space, power and network usage are close to zero. Try requesting one! You can always change your mind and gift the tiny machine to any person interested in adopting it. First addressed to the people in non-blue zones.

Next: Chivalrous FairPhone actually has a recycling program for any or next-to-any smartphone to experience karmic rebirth. Hope it's available in your contry – it isn't in mine. If you happen to know something like that – by all means, confide to me. Recycling of this kind makes me happy and do I hope our planet feels the same way!

Next: Having insomnia? Try the new Ubik, freshly brewed and cool as a sea breeze. Ubik – one injection and you'll sprawl like a young octopus! Use only as directed.

Nevermind that bad joke if you really have insomnia and do seek treatment and comfort – I've found the latter in reading and advice it best with the music following to keep calmness of mind. Interwoven postmodern literature is the thing for me – and Slaughterhouse Five is the cake i craved since finishing Right Where Are You Sitting Now being witted, almost stoned-positive and written in such a matter so I admire it. Odds are, you can too! But don't get too lost in texts if you have pressing issues that shouldn't be ignored.

Afterword (shared advice): Going East? Meditate. Think about meditation. Good luck. Going West? Be the cowboy. Draw quickly! Wearing a jacket? Nice! Composing poetry? Take a camera with you.

Is your screen lit up? Turn it off. Consider looking at sky for 13 minutes and remember any birds you saw in childhood.

Reflect a little: Had your fairytale books had pictures, or was it you who imagined them? Do you remember this images, were they still or moving, were they dark or colorful?

When did you stop feeling yourself a child? What inspired you to do that change? Is that a permanent change?

Can you imitate the voice of a creature you love? I can. It is fun.

Take care. Stay good.