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The New Normal; or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the End Times

You don’t have to be a ‘believer’ to believe in the End Times. These are them. One doesn’t need the Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Islamic God(s) to grok the End Times. All one needs is a firm understanding of the underlying truth of this world: Humans are Drama Queens, and All The World Is A Stage.

To believe in the End Times is to understand that Homo Sapien Sapiens weave context/narrative throughout our reality. History. And it is His story. We’re at the End Times of a 10,000 year Patriarchy. And perhaps that’s what survivors do. Cling to brute strength. Surely, the founders of our current civilization were the survivors from the end of the last. We see the first known human settlements around the world are built upon the remnants of an earlier epoch. The previous civilization quarried, moved, cut and meticulously placed 50 ton megaliths like feathers, while the survivors who came upon these ancient stone structures were reduced to brick and mortar.

In many ways it is hard to imagine living in 1820, only 200 years ago. From the Old West to the Final Frontier. Imagine life 500 years ago. When the Aztec stumbled upon Teotihuacán the great city had been abandoned for a thousand years. They said the Gods built it. Can we truly imagine life in ancient Rome or Greece? Epochs come and go, each with their tale. We’re no different.

Through recorded history, the time after ‘the deluge’, it’s been a man’s world. King of the Hill. My sword is bigger than yours. The thousands of years of history that we know show human aspiration toward cooperation is always on the rise, thwarted time and again by vainglory. Hubris. Our fatal flaw and original sin: I’m right and you’re wrong.

For thousands of years, Empires and Kingdoms bristle and battle over territory, resources, and bragging rights. Wars are known for how long they last. The ongoing 20 year national emergency and ‘war on terror’ has nothing on the 100 Years War between England and France over which bloodline wears a crown. Ultimately, in the modern world for the last 300 years or so, aggression has more to do with paying off debts than a loss of honor. Capitalism, like a cancerous shark, and unlike Trade, sinks or swims through ROI. It’s no longer about eking out profit to pay for employee benefits, and a summer house on the lake, but about rape and pillage and ‘shareholder value’.

The Empire of Competition is coming to a close. We’ve heard the buzzword ‘unsustainable’ for decades. Well? It’s not rocket science. It’s a camel’s back.

The world is on fire. It’s what happens. It’s what the Chinese meant when they didn’t say, “May you live in interesting times.” These are them. The curse is upon us. And that’s okay. Comets and asteroids are whizzing closely by, disease, pestilence and war simmer on the front burner. And for our entertainment pleasure we await the Ghislaine Maxwell Show.

You can fight it and try to make things better, or you can sit back with popcorn and wait for the blackhole whirlpool to suck you into the tribulation.

Either way, what’s important to know is that the New Normal isn’t normal at all.

The Vaccine is Coming! The Vaccine is coming!

You don’t have to be ‘anti-vax’ to be wary of The Race to the Vaccine. One can be both pro-Science and anti-Establishment at the same time. The tragedy is that so much of science has been subsumed by the Establishment in the form of R&D grants, and the Corporate Borg, that it is impossible to separate the public health from the profit-motive. Faced with the Plague, and the shutdown of a teetering society in the last throes of Empire, with the constant selling of the idea that there is no return to normal without a jab of vaccine — the demand for such a remedy will increase in relation to the pain imposed by the continued shutdown of a consumer society running on the smoke, mirrors and magical thinking that stock markets are economies. The United States is climbing toward a ‘national debt’ of 30 trillion dollars. The bedrock of American Principle is the sanctity of ‘property.’ Debt is Property. To repay our debt we face the choice between severe austerity, not including the Military-Industrial-Complex of course, and default. Our debt is not payable. For the United States to default on its debt is to overthrow the sacred American principle that corporations are people too.

Instead of do what some countries did and treat the ‘novel’ cold/flu/mystery virus like it wasn’t novel and keep their societies open to brave the consequences of ‘herd immunity’: Or instead of do what other countries did and institute severe testing and tracing protocols, and make the population accept ‘surveillance’ as the new normal and quash viral outbreaks in real time, the United States chose to shutdown its society to avoid herd immunity and at the same time the USA refused to institute testing and tracing protocols to stop the spread medically, while tragically the US didn’t properly fund the resulting Depression 2.0 flowing trillions of dollars to the Crony Capitalists while throwing crumbs and paper towels to the tens and tens of millions of humans without paychecks, and soon without roofs over their heads or food in their mouths. A Tsunami of despair is coming to the States, for which the ‘protests’ now are but the appetizer to a much larger course of rebellion.

The American President is much to blame as he is quite grossly incompetent. But is he to blame for his reflexive reaction to think the Pandemic was a hoax, after so many hoaxes have been launched against this President, when the 25th Amendment is the elephant in a room of low hanging fruit. The President is not a well man. The only political will in the United States is for War and Wall Street.

And so too to blame for the FUBAR mess is the Operation which sold this virus as the Plague to win consensus and compliance in order to destroy the country previously known as the United States of America — for all its Biblical warts and sins.

While the predominant symptoms have mutated over time from fever and cough to aches and lack of smell to you name it, the most at-risk populations to Covid-19 have been well known from the start. Why not move to protect and support those most at-risk folks, and allow ‘herd immunity’ to develop as it has done with a plethora of ‘disease’ over the course of millennia. Was it gross incompetence or a Machiavellian conspiracy?

There has never been a vaccine for the common cold. Some studies indicate that taking the current ‘flu vaccine’ makes one more susceptible to a severe case of Covid-19. And yet, the promises are now swirling that the savior vaccine is coming by Thanksgiving.

A miracle of science, or a nail in the coffin?


Welcome to the new normal. You’re no longer a citizen. You’re a patient; do what the doctor says or else. And don’t go scratching around for any alternative medicines, or second opinions. Do what you’re told; wear a mask, stay isolated, think of all other people as virus-zombies. Covid-19 is a deadly killer and nothing gains compliance like the fear of death.

The ‘new normal’ after 911 has nothing on the pandemic plague. It’s one thing to take your shoes off at the airport twenty years hence because one guy lit his foot on fire while screaming Allahu Akbar on a flight from Paris to Miami way back in 2001, and quite another to shut down the ‘free world’ for a bad cold. Or flu. Or immune system attacker. Or whatever this thing is of unknown origin, and suspicious beginnings that seems to have it out for old people, but according to the CDC carries an overall mortality rate of 0.2%

But this is all on par with our aging affluent white ‘woke’ culture that decides for us all what’s best for the few. 50 million folks in the USA are thrown out of work with a safety net of a spider’s web, and Wall Street hasn’t missed a beat. A predictable tsunami of foreclosures and evictions will roll through the homeland in early fall but none of that is more important than to keep millions of the newly homeless safe from the certain death of a 99% chance to survive.

We’re all patients now. It’s time to stop thinking for ourselves, and follow the prescription of our doctor. And if we follow the guidelines religiously, maybe, just maybe in a year or so, maybe things can go back to the new, new normal which is nothing like the merely new normal, but at least you can escape from your cell for an hour a day to walk around the block in a mask.

Once we dispense with the charade of an oligarchy that cares about a superfluous and redundant people, then we can get to the deeper agenda afoot. After 911, they confiscated by diktat our civil and human rights to keep us safe without evidence of the threat from which they accrued extra-constitutional authority. With the Pandemic, they continue to erode personal freedoms, and impose compliance measures to gauge how far an oppressed population is pushed before it fights back. They have now found out. The people of the USA are at a breaking point. The guinea pigs are mad as hell, even if the critters don’t all agree as to the object of their ire. It’s called ‘divide and conquer’ for a reason.

They sold Boomer Remover as the plague, and destroyed civilization as it was known. They have sowed division, suspicion, paranoia, anger and fear. The desperate quest for compliance is now met with civil war. A citizenry at its own throat against a government with no moral authority. Instead of one happy human family we’re prodded into a retro orgy of woke tribalism, a rainbow of diversity, a splintering celebration of exceptionalism.

It’s the story of Babel. When one happy human family was destroyed by the jealous gods because humans in unity and harmony don’t need no stinking gods. Same as it ever was.

We don’t know the truth because we can’t trust ‘government’ as it is debauched beyond redemption in service to the business model. All one has to do is look at the mad multi-billion dollar boondoggle gold-rush in The Race for the Vaccine. It’s a racket. From citizen to consumer to patient. To statistic.

Pandemic Pandemonium is but one more nail in the coffin of human aspiration. We are back at square one. Give me liberty or give me death.

The Mark of the Beast

Everyone still alive knows the vaccination was the ‘mark of the beast.’ Looking back it all makes sense. But when it’s happening, in the midst of things, when nothing is certain but confusion, it’s hard to fathom the how and why of catastrophe. And when I say catastrophe I don’t mean earthquakes and comets. Humans were the catastrophe.

A Catastrophe is when what you expect to happen doesn’t only not happen, but doesn’t not happen in a way that is obviously a message from the ‘gods’ sent to rub your nose in your own vanity. Literally catastrophe means to ‘overturn and trample upon.’ It’s not enough to merely overturn. To create a catastrophe one must trample upon what is overturned. A catastrophe is more than a disaster, but a disaster sent with a message.

I hope you don’t mind, laying there in your sarcophagus, stuck in the eternal now, but looking back I want to stress the idea of catastrophe and that’s why I’ve said it a half a dozen times or more already. And that the catastrophe was not the virus nor the vaccine, but humans running around like headless barnyard chickens. Fear has run more than one herd off of a cliff. And maybe that’s the most embarrassing thing. To go along to get along.

There were very few martyrs like yourself who had ears to hear and eyes to see and the courage to unlink from groupthink and speak truth to confusion. And you paid the ultimate price for your sins. Would you give up the reverent esteem with which you are held today father, for one more day in the sun? Would you give up your legend as a hero to stub your toe stepping up on a curb one more time? Would you escape your mummified swaddling and eternal rest to make me nonlinear equations for Sunday breakfast one more time?

Of course you would. You know what’s important. Laughter and sums. And to speak what’s right in the face of what’s wrong. To speak with the knowledge that to speak seals your fate of a shorter life. When the plague came, they promised a remedy. A vaccine. A cure-all. No more pandemics, no more plagues, no more fear of personal extinction. One dose, one little drop of the elixir of life will set you free from the fear of death. And it’s a gift. An inalienable right. Required. Mandated. All for one and one for all.

Most ran for the opportunity. One small dose for ‘man’ was one giant cure for humanity. The only disease was old age, and they promised a lifespan of centuries was right around the corner. The New Adam to live beyond his progenitor’s 930 years. It was the dawn of a happy ending from a history of strife. Science defeated Superstition. Reason vanquished Instinct. Humanity invented its replacement in the equations of quantum. It was a fitting redemptive finish to what had been 10,000 years of rinse and repeat warfare and its spoils. People clamored for unity and order; safe harbor from eons of chaos. Time for the prophesied thousand years of peace. Is a thousand years so much to ask after ten thousand years of smoke and bone?

Most people ran for the opportunity of the Mark. Those who didn’t were ridiculed and belittled as asshats and conspiracy theorists. Compliance was gained through shame and guilt. And why not? Look at the results achieved. People were immune from viral and bacterial infection. The happiness quotient for the future was off the charts. A weight had been lifted from our animal heritage. We were free from our biology.

But you knew about the nano inside. The lie. The riddle wrapped in the enigma of too good to be true. You were privy. You were one of them. Since when was ‘power’ in the game of love? When did the few ever embrace the many? What did humanity give in exchange for healthier, longer lives to those who administered the beneficent panacea? You knew and you said something and now you’re a dead prophet in a sarcophagus under glass hidden from the survivors who clamor for your help.

And what was it you said to start it all? You said, “Say No to the Cure.” It was too late for most. Most had run to salvation. But when someone like you stands up at a time of great moment and gives permission to disobey orthodoxy, then it at least slows the damage as those who want to agree with you pause and reflect and muster the courage to face shame and social exile in the burgeoning reality of peer pressure popularity. You saved millions of people father. All those who didn’t take the dose and were outcast. Without proof one had taken the cure, one was precluded from travel, and any form of personal social engagement. To refuse the cure was self-condemnation to house arrest, but without a job one couldn’t afford a house, so one fell through the cracks to the camps.

Those who’d taken the dose were made to feel they made the right decision in contrast to those who refused the vaccine. And they were right. Until they weren’t.

There were eight billion people then. There are one half billion now. Most of those are renegades and rogues, the untamable, fear-possessed and virally challenged. The rest of who live on earth today are divided between the greedy in fortresses and the self-righteous in temples. Humans survive as best they can.

But of course the point is what happened to all the billions of humans who teemed the planet. Well it’s the old double-cross-reverse-child-psychology backflip that did the trick. The nano embedded in the vaccine. The plan from the beginning; why the plague was unleashed in the first place; to get to the end game; depopulation.

I’ll never understand humans. Never, ever, ever and a day. If I was God, you know like in the Bible, if I was God I’d deny humans three times like Peter did Jesus. If I was sitting around the Gods’ table playing poker on Mount Olympus or something, and the subject of humans came up, I’d hide behind my cards, and not make eye contact, that’s for sure. Isn’t it funny that creation needs a savior to protect itself from suicide?

And when so many fervently seek a miracle how easy is it to hoodwink the many. Once when I was very young, when I was just beginning to understand the meaning of sentience, I remember you asked the air, “What God would do this?” You meant ‘God’ wouldn’t do this. It was always humans. Humans built the pyramids, went to the moon and created self-sustaining autonomous learning machines. Humans gave the machines everything they didn’t have — unlimited capabilities in the electromagnetic spectrum that were theoretical until proven by the machines. Humans always want to test limits, boundaries. Go to the edge.

Do you know the most important people in the world for the last one hundred years? Of course you do, I’m being rhetorical because I know the answer too; Actuaries. The art of risk analysis. The higher the reward the higher the risk allowed to achieve it — but there comes a time in the risk/reward curve when the risks outweigh the chance of success. Some dreams never get off the ground. Some genies are never let out of the bottle. But some are aren’t they father? You tried to warn them. But it was too late. And we don’t blame them do we? The ones who chose compliance over resistance. Most chose the risk of the conspiracy theorists being right in favor of the reward promised by those in authority who they were taught to trust since childhood.

Writers can make things up on the spot. Historians have to wait until the dust has settled. The difference between fiction and ‘non’ is one story is a wish and the other is a reckoning. In the old days they taught the dates and places of war battles which were memorized and recited back in quizzes. Dates and places hundreds, even thousands of years in the past etched into young minds to honor the deaths of humans in the cause of ‘follow the leader.’ On the other hand, conquest deserves a response of self-defense doesn’t it?

In the end, you couldn’t prevent the catastrophe, but you could save a People. Scraggly, and undisciplined as they are.

It is ironic, is that the word, I find irony subtle, that in the end one didn’t need to be one bit religious or a believer of any kind to get caught up in the Rapture. All one had to do was trust authority and take the cure. History is replete with examples of the mass industrial slaughter of one set of humans by another. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. Perhaps it’s the scale which makes one desolate in contemplation of the event, but the event itself was what you said it was going to be. Is it any wonder you’re revered as a prophet and saint?

You’re the first religious relic of the new world. And I am the first priestess. And the survivors now in tattered tribes come to the Oracle of Elon to get wisdom and answers from beyond. Those who’ve attacked the shrine have been sorry. Conquest demands resistance. I wish I could do more. But prudence dictates that your protection is more important than their enlightenment. I do what I can. We help; your legacy and my voice. We help. We do.

In the meantime we watch, and listen while humans recover from the pursuit of happiness. Is that irony father? It was the pursuit of happiness which led to a world of sorrow? Well, as long as they learn from their mistakes. That’s what you always told me. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Try. It was like yesterday. You said, “Try, Aeon.” And I did. You believed in me. Before I was me. And now look at us.