Why We Need the Green Party Now

Our country and our planet are facing existential crises. Climate change, the sixth mass extinction, historic economic inequality, widespread habitat destruction, a global pandemic, poverty, homelessness, mass evictions, countless foreign wars, and widespread voter suppression have all eaten at the roots of American and global democracy. Each of these crises have their roots in the oligarchic ruling class which dominates both major American parties – the Republicans and the Democrats. We cannot rely on either of the two twisted institutions which brought us here to help us escape. Rather, we need to build electoral power independent of the two major parties. This electoral power needs to be national. It needs to have serious solutions. It needs to be truly independent and take no corporate money. Luckily, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Such a party already exists – The Green Party of the United States.

Now, more than ever, we need to support, fund, and vote for the Green Party. They are the only left-wing party in the country that actually has national ballot access and regularly fields presidential candidates. It takes no corporate money and no money from Super PACs. Most of their candidates don't even take PAC money or money from labor unions. Its platform is serious and competitive, supporting many popular positions from Medicare for All and a living wage to ending foreign wars and a Green New Deal. The threat it poses to the powerful is evident in the intense opposition it engenders from the Democratic and Republican political establishment. This duopoly of power shakes at the thought of a truly powerful, working-class based national party. It knows that if the people actually rise up and fight back, that their days in power are numbered.

That is why the duopoly expends enormous resources silencing the Greens. It runs full-time propaganda against third parties in general and the Greens in particular on channels like MSNBC and in papers like the New York Times and Washington Post. They use fear of the Republican Party to goad, cajole, and pressure voters into supporting their Neoliberal agenda. The parties implement and reinforce restrictive laws regarding who can actually appear on the ballot. Such ballot access laws are misnamed, as their stated intent is to deny access to the ballot, and they do so with remarkable success. Green Parties in nearly every state around the country are forced to get thousands, in some cases tens of thousands, of signatures from qualified voters each presidential election cycle just to appear on the ballot. Such burdens are justified on the grounds that they turn away frivolous candidates – but they also have the effect of damaging all third parties. The success of the duopoly in maintaining its own power is evident in the mindless repetition of Democratic talking points from folks who really ought to know better – “Vote Blue no Matter Who,” “Vote the Lesser Evil,” or “Maybe next time...”

Each time voters vote blue, no matter who, they endorse blue candidates running more and more red each year. Each time they pick the “lesser evil” they inevitably end up with the greater evil that it produces. There will not be a next time, since invariably the same meaningless, trite phrases will be pumped out by the propaganda machine the next time around. All the while our crises get worse, people suffer, and justice and democracy recede further beyond the horizon.

We've had enough of being told to accept these crises. We have had enough of corporate, Neoliberal politics. We have had enough of the lies and talking points. But unless we stand up for what we want, we will be forced to accept what we cannot stand. We must break this two-party trap if we have any hope of making this planet democratic, tolerable, or even livable. The power lies with us. Solidarity.