A Strange thing happened recently

All my life I've had this flame inside that's guided me. Sometimes it's a flame, sometimes it's a compass, whatever the situation requires at the moment, but regardless my instincts have always served me pretty well. That instinct told me to move back to Atlanta after college, it told me to leave Atlanta. It told me to quit Railroad Earth and pursue a technology career. It told me to go after a job at Platform.sh.

I've been in a fairly existential funk for the last several weeks. I'm not happy at this job. I realize I've been trying to for years to engineer a career path out of a place where there is no career path. Many of the things that I've believed about my role in this company, my actual role not my title or my job, I'm starting to doubt. I'm starting to doubt myself.

And so in times like these in the past I'd have looked to that flame to tell em what to do now but it seems to have gone out for the time being.

I'm not sure when it happened, all I know is that it's not really there now. So I'm applying to jobs and stuff and hoping that getting out of this situation will allow me to find it again but somewhere else in my mind I know that I might be in for a few years of bushwhacking my way back up to the path. I'm scared.