Got a bike a bit ago

'Twas the best decision I've made in a long time. I found some deeply meditative places in my head on those rides over the summer. It was one of the most creatively fruitful times I've had in a while. Since the weather turned colder I'm back to running, but I'd kind of gotten bored of running, which is why I bought a bike in the first place. That and getting older.

Turns out I live in paradise for road biking (I got a road bike. A 1974 Fuji, as it turned out. Off Craigslist. Vibe for days).

I had a good number of ideas on that bike that I turned into a coherent path forward for myself with this current company, but then sometime in early fall I hit a burnout wall. I had hatched a plan, sold it, and was getting ready to expand our team's responsibilities when I realized that actually I didn't want to do any of that shit.

I think that's about the time that I realized the flame had gone out. The flame that guided me to that spot in the first place.

I don't know, but I'm reading a lot lately, trying to figure out why I feel like an alien in this world sometimes. I would really like to go for a bike ride or two.