Saturday morning

Michelle has her head down in a bowl full of steaming water with oregano oil in it. Twitter tells me I've been on that stupid site for 10 full years of my life. That's hard to believe.

Does anyone remember how fun the internet was 10 years ago? How full of possibility it seemed? How many different sites and blogs and forums and lists you visited on a daily basis? It seems in hindsight like it was dozens, if not more. RSS was so much fun, adding blogs to your blog roll, writing posts in Wordpress, learning about how all this stuff works.


The list of sites that I visit on a daily basis is down to about 2 or 3, and they suck more every day. Twitter is one of them. It was a place that was full of hope and possibility and now it's a capitalistic, dystopian internet shithole that I can't stop visiting because it's one of the last interesting places on this internet here in 2019.

I've attained my goal of getting out of the music grind, though not in the way that I'd wished 10 years ago. We're financially stable and generally vastly happier than 10 years ago, and that's not at all to be discounted. But the work of building the internet, I dunno. Something is missing these days.