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A Tale of Marital Infidelity?

The Hypocrisy of Todd Clodfelter

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Todd Clodfelter's Ashley Madison Profile Decoded

A Tale of Marital Infidelity?

“I am a happily married man but many of my needs are not being met. I need some fun on the side,” the profile says. And then confides that he is a married man seeking a single female for oral sex, a threesome, some light kinky fun and maybe a little exhibitionism (among other things). He obviously doesn’t want anything too advanced, but says he is willing to learn and is open to experimentation. He is looking for a woman who is disease free with natural breasts and is a good listener. This woman should also be a “naughty girl” who has a sense of humor has a high sex drive and can keep this a secret (see Todd's Ashley Madison Profile Decoded, below). He admits to some facial hair, and his birthday is April 17th, 1957.

He first set up his account July 27, 2010 (at 3:35AM) and updated it a few times over the years but made his final update on January of 2015. He received some mail from some interested ladies, for instance on April 22nd, 2011 and even chatted online with a match on June 19th, 2013. He lives in Tucson with a zip code of 85749 and reports his email to be todddzilla@gmail.com, linked to his Ashley Madison account number of 6543394. Every time he received a wink, message or a plea from the company for money, it would be sent to his personal email address.

But who is member number 6543394 on Ashley Madison, the doomed extra-marital affair dating service whose tagline was: life is short, have an affair? Why should we care? Sure, after the database was hacked back in 2015, multiple community leaders, professionals and politicians lost their jobs or resigned. Why would we care about 6543394?

It is because of who 6543394 is and what they profess to be. Profile 6543394, in his day job, legislates in a way quite contrary to his “after hours” life. The hypocrisy of his broken covenant with God, his family and his wife are only worse when you find out that 6543394 is also a soccer coach and Scoutmaster, pledging to “be a person of strong character…relationships with others should be honest and open…be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs,” who is supposed to uphold the highest of moral character as a model for children.

So, who IS 6543394? First, we look at his email address, where all correspondence would have been sent from 2010 through 2015 for account creation, updates, member contact and solicitations. Todddzilla@gmail.com is the address associated with the account number (see figure 1, below), and a third-party reverse email search reveals an account picture and name: Todd Clodfelter (figures 2 and 3). Not trusting a third-party email search, we searched in Gmail itself by starting a google hangout to see if the email would pop up. Indeed, the email autofills and Todd Clodfelter’s picture and name confirms the account as his (figure 4).

“Todddzilla” itself is a handle that the Representative uses openly on Amazon and Facebook, perhaps named after his business “3DTeez.” Which prompted us to search his Amazon history for reviews. On his official Facebook page, Todd demonstrates his love of his BMW motorcycle and his Jeep. But on the same account, there is a curious review from January 2nd, 2017 (verified purchase): a book entitled “Texting Women: 7 Simple Steps from Text to Sex, “by Felicia Vine. Todd gives the book three out of five stars and says, “Common sense, but I like the written step by step reminder.” (See Amazon page below under Outside Links.)

Another handle Mr. Clodfelter has used more than once is OnFireInside. That was one of his Ashley Madison screen handles (see Todd Clodfelter's Ashley Madison Profile Decoded, below). It's also associated with a profile at MyEroticAds, which has his photo and these details:

Note that at the time he was 56 years old, in 2013, he was married to his current wife. They had been married for more than 30 years. See below for screenshots and links to MyEroticAds.

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The Hypocrisy of Todd Clodfelter

A legislator is a powerful person in our community and is someone who can directly affect the lives of their many constituents. We expect these people to uphold the values they ran on and to epitomize the morals that they use as the foundation for their voting record. When they break this trust, when they are found to be frauds, liars, cheats and hypocrites, it is devastating to the community.

Representative Todd Clodfelter (Republican, LD10) has run and is currently running a campaign based on “faith, family and community.” He proudly states that he has been married for 39 years to bolster the claim that he is a dedicated family man.

His voting record would seem to be that of a traditional conservative man: he voted yes to force women seeking abortions to identify if they were aborting due to an extra-marital affair. He voted against protections for underage girls, some as young as 11 or 12, from being forced into marriage. And he co-sponsored a bill that stated that he, as a Legislator, recognizes that obscenity and pornography are a detriment.

Unfortunately, Todd is a hypocrite. He has made fools of his family, faith and community and is not a person who should be entrusted with the care and mentorship of children. His morals are compromised and is also not fit to be a legislator. How can he vote on measures to denounce pornography, to regulate child marriage, and to shame women who have extra marital affairs when he solicits sex and other sex acts on the internet from unknown persons in violation of his Pledges and vows?

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Figures and Illustrations


Email Address in AM Database Figure 1: Email Address in Ashley Madison Member Database (click for full size)
SpyTox reverse email lookup Figure 2: SpyTox reverse email lookup (click for full size)
Spokeo reverse email lookup Figure 3: Spokeo reverse email lookup (click for full size)
Google email lookup Figure 4: Google email lookup (click for full size)
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My Erotic Ads

MyEroticAds - Onfireinside Dating Profile Figure 5: MyEroticAds - Onfireinside Dating Profile (click for full size)
MyEroticAds - Onfireinside ad listing Figure 6: MyEroticAds - Onfireinside ad listing (click for full size)
MyEroticAds - You Won't Find Hotter Tucson Men Anywhere Else! Figure 7: MyEroticAds - You Won't Find Hotter Tucson Men Anywhere Else! (click for full size)
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More from Ashley Madison

Figure 8: Was Your Profile Compromised? (showing results for todddzilla@gmail.com) (click for full size)
Member 6543394 master record Figure 9: Member 6543394 master record (click for full size)
Member 6543394 login record Figure 10: Member 6543394 login record (click for full size)
Back to top (will open in new tab or window) Voting record and policy positions: Who Is Todd Clodfelter? MyEroticAds profile (live, with photo of Todd): Onfireinside Dating Profile MyEroticAds profile (archived): Onfireinside Dating Profile Sexting book on Amazon, with Todddzilla's review, live: Texting Women: 7 Simple Steps From Text to Sex Sexting book on Amazon, with Todddzilla's review, archived: Texting Women: 7 Simple Steps From Text to Sex Back to top

Todd Clodfelter's Ashley Madison Profile Decoded


(Scroll below for raw data)

Codes Looking for: Stylish/classy, casual/jeans/t-shirt, body piercings, girl next door, naughty girl, sense of humor, imagination, creative and adventurous, relaxed and easy going, hopeless romantic, DISCRETION/SECRECY, good communicator, good personal hygiene, high sex drive, dislikes routine, disease free, drug free, casual/social drinker

Account text: “I am a happily married man, but many of my needs are not being met. I need some fun on the side.”

Password hint: xxxxxxxxxx

Male seeking female

Ethnicity- 1(white)

Body type-4

Smoke-1 (no)

Drink-0 (yes)

Initially seeking-4 (single female seeking male)

Relationship-2 (attached male seeking female)

Looking for: Conventional sex, kight kinky fun, exploring with sex toys, threesome, one night stands, open to experimentation, erotic movies, extended foreplay/teasing, bubble bath for two, likes to give oral sex, likes to receive oral sex, someone I can teach, someone who can teach me, likes to be watched/exhibitionism, sharing fantasies, sex talk

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Raw Data

Account was “FreeFlight2010” when it was created in 2010, then changed to “OnFireInside”

6543394 1 - 3551 (sponsor) OnFireInside 2 0 0 0 1 3 85749 (zip code) 32.270941 -110.767721 0 Tucson 0 2 1957-04-17 (DOB) 0 000 1 (accept host contact) 1 1 0 0 2011-4-22 (email received) 2013-06-19 (last “chat”) 0000 0 0 - 1 1 1 1 0 0 Null 0 - N N N N N N - N - - N - - N - 0 0 2015-1-19 (last account update)

6543394 2010-7-27 (account set up) 0 2012-06-29 0 2 2 N N 0 N OnFireInside N N N N Tucson 85749 3 32.285 -110.736 1 N N N 2 1957-04-17 (DOB) Hi (Account text) 1 79380 183 4 1 0 4 2

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