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To lose weight, it is essential you lift weight alongside your cardio training! Most of us join the gym to get better in shape and improve our overall health and fitness. Weight training has many benefits for your body, such as strong bones, joints, tendons, building lean muscle tissue, all of which help you to lose weight. Using the right variety of weight lifting equipment is the key to tone down weight. Different pieces of equipment target different areas of the body which gives your workout session more functionality.

Free weight Lifting-

Free weights deal with any piece of strength equipment like dumbbells and barbells to kettlebells or even sandbags that are not fixed to a stationary object. Unlike the weight training machines, dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells aren't as expensive. They are quite inexpensive and anyone can buy this weight lifting equipment to start out their weight training. Besides, they are ideal for home exercisers as they don't take up much space.

Most free weight exercises prompt you to hold your body in place while doing exercises. Doing this, you can involve more muscle groups than you need to do when using a fixed weight machine.

Let’s take look at the most common types of effective free weights-

Barbells- You can use both fixed weight barbells widely seen in a gym or plate-loaded barbells where you can control the weight. These work as great weight lifting equipment because they drive you to lift heavier weights.

Dumbbells- Unlike barbells, dumbbells allow you to work on each limb individually, which is great for building strength in your non-dominant side. You also have to involve more stabilizer muscles for some exercises because there is no fixed path.

Kettlebells- Kettlebells are comparatively new inclusions but they offer a quite different kind of workout which involves swinging the weight. Hence, they are much more dynamic than dumbbells. The most exciting perk is you can concentrate on multiple aspects of fitness including strength, endurance, power and even cardio with kettlebells.

Now, what are Weight Training Machines?

Mainly, there are two common types of weight machines you'll get to see at most of the commercial gyms. You have to choose the most suitable one for you based on your fitness level, comfort, and of course, your goals.

Stack Machines- These are the most common machines you will see at a gym with rectangular weight plates. Stack machines are quite easy to use and don't require much adjustment, other than raising or lowering the seat. Beginners find these convenient as these machines move in a fixed path.

Plate-Loaded Machines- Similar to the stack machines, Plate-loaded machines work on a fixed path. The difference is that you have to load the plates onto the machine. Someone wanting to build strength can use it their advantage by controlling exactly how much weight is lifted.

Where to buy high-quality Weight Lifting Equipment?

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