aNONradio openmic

aNONradio is the icecast radio station on SDF, a Unix time sharing system. Volunteer DJs fill out the broadcast schedule with an eclectic mix of programming so, even for underground radio, it's out there. I'll put it this way, Something Blue is blues, jazz, and other roots music and it's kind of mainstream on aNONradio.

openmic runs from 10:00 pm to midnight CT every night or 3:00 – 5:00 UT if that's easier for you. You can listen here.

And if you want to participate you can find everything you need right here.

You don't have to be an aNONradio DJ to icecast on openmic. But you're missing the fun unless you log onto SDF and go to the anonradio room in the SDF chat room on com. DJs and anyone can listen and chat about the music or whatever they're doing. So it's open chat to go along with openmic.

You can get a free SDF account here.

They have paid accounts too but the free account is fine for chatting on com.

So you can listen to anonradio and starting at 10:00 CT it will be openmic. You can learn how to icecast and add your own favorites to the mix. And you can log onto SDF and chat with the DJs on com.

All of this is free.

See you there.