Delta Legends – Live at The Biscuit – October 5, 2018

I got good recordings of the Delta Legends set at The Biscuit last Friday. I'm really happy with them. We each sang one. Then we had Guest Legend, Jeffrey T., on harmonica, giving us duos and trios on the blues harp. As Jeremy said, “The Helena Philharmonica.” Guest Legends Rhode Island Red and Pinky Lee helped us close the show with a couple of Emporium Orkestra favorites.

It's nice to hear the audience shouting, screaming, and whistling at the end of each song.

I did a tricky little thing and layered my closing credits over an instrumental “Killing Floor”, for an outtro. But that's the only edits for the whole set. What we played is what you hear.

Here's the link to the show on the Live Music Archive.

Spaceman Bassman sent me a message today and he's sending me the raw video he shot of the show. So hopefully we'll have a few Delta Legends Youtube videos soon.

Here's the liner notes.

Delta Legends Cedell Davis Stage King Biscuit Blues Festival Helena-West Helena, Arkansas October 5, 2018


01 Eyesight To The Blind 02 talk 03 I'm Your Professor 04 Last Night 05 talk 06 Rock Me Baby 07 talk 08 Baby What You Want Me To Do 09 talk 10 Born In Chicago 11 talk 12 Digging My Potatos 13 talk 14 My Stick's Always Getting In The Way 15 outtro


John Shepherd – guitar, vocals Jeremy Burnett – harmonica, vocals Hairy Larry – bass, harmonica, vocals

Guest Legends

Jeffrey T. – harmonica on 6 and 8 Rhode Island Red – guitar and vocals on 12 and 14 Pinky Lee – tambourine on 12 and 14

Recorded to my Zoom H6 using Radio Shack 33-1070D microphones.