I wrote a descending ii V i exercise and then I turned it into a piece by adding a bridge. I called it “Elven Minuet”.

At my composition lesson Dr. Jenkins suggested that I give the right hand melody to vibes and the left hand harmony to marimbas. Kind of inspired by “Wood Sprites” on the Bebop Beatniks album.

So I thought I would hunt up some spoken word fantasy passage I could read over it, inspired by my reading from “Leaves Of Grass” on “Wood Sprites”.

As soon as I started to search for text to read my own super short fantasy story, “Elphonium” came to mind. It's a bit long but with some judicious editing I'm sure I could bring it to under two minutes while still delivering the story.

The story “Elphonium” was inspired by a great piece of artwork I found on deviantart.com by INDRIKoff who gave me permission to use it to illustrate the story. So I envision a multimedia presentation centered around this piece of art and including public domain fantasy art that follows the story.

The band would play the piece with “Elphonium” displayed on a screen behind them. Then when I started reading the slides would follow the story.

Now that's a cool idea.

My story “Elphonium” on SFF Short Stories. https://sffshortstories.com/?x=entry:entry170714-062937

INDRIKoff's “Elphonium” artwork on Deviant Art https://www.deviantart.com/indrikoff/art/Elphonium-689679937

The Bebop Beatniks album “Leaves” with “WoodSprites” https://archive.org/details/BebopBeatniks-Leaves