Funkwhale and the MixRemix Radio Library

I wrote a program last night that navigates the folders in the Mixremix Radio Library and outputs a text file, mixremixlib.txt.

It's really cool because it turns a bunch of music in a set of folders into a searchable text file where each item includes the elapsed time, the link to the source, and also the license info for Free Culture and Creative Commons music.

When I add music to the library, which I do all the time, I just run the program and upload the file and everything's updated.

I was proud of myself so I posted some links on and and took a little break to browse around a bit.

And I found this about Funkwhale.

So I linked on over.

“Funkwhale started as a personal project three years ago, in reponse to Grooveshark being shut down. As of today, new instances are popping up every week, the project is getting traction and attracting external contributions. What should you expect for the future of the project?”

I searched around a while and found.

Where I joined and started playing with it. I uploaded the Free Culture NJHB albums and started to get it figured out. Posted a few questions on Mastodon

and the developer got right back to me.

”@hairylarry @goofy no genre search yet, we have an open issue for that :

Licensing data should be available in the next version (cf"

So isn't that cool?

And I got to thinking. Wouldn't this be a great tool to host the Free Culture and Creative Commons music played on MixRemix Radio. Of course that's a lot of gigabytes and constantly growing so I would have to host it. Maybe sometime in the future.

Think about that. What a resource for finding reusable music.

Also isn't the ability to embed mastodon posts in great?