Gary Gazaway Live at The Monkey Bar on 2001-06-30

EL BUHO Tulsa Jamfest The Monkey Bar Tulsa, Oklahoma June 30, 2001

  1. The Phoenicians
  2. Monica
  3. Leviathan
  4. Ort Cloud
  5. Escape from Salt Lake
  6. The Wham Bam Boodle
  7. Spankin' The Monkey
  8. Dancing with Ishtar
  9. Children of the Rainbow
  10. Fertile Crescent
  11. Partido Alto

Notes: Gary Gazaway, Trumpet Perry Osborn, Guitar Justin Amaral, Drums Pipo Nelson, Bass Amerigo Gazaway, Keyboards Scott Murawski, Guitar Mike Gordon, Bass

Warts and all... Terry Watts

Great stuff!