kgpl jwplayer embed

There is an issue with jplayer and https especially when you are playing music hosted on another domain.

Because of this my KGPL widgets are not working on I assume they are not working on other https sites too.

Matt is the programmer at and he walked me through some of the issues I have been having embedding on

Then I did some more research and hacked around on some Internet Archive widgets and got the above embed to work.

This is what I wrote to Matt about what I found.

I still have a ways to go to actually update my program but I have found this to be true.

jplayer supports playing media hosted on another server as long as everything is http. This doesn't work with https.

In fact not playing media hosted on another server appears to be one of the security enhancements implemented with https.

jwplayer is the media player used at to power their widgets. These work fine under https. Of course they are running the media player and hosting the media at

This is why the widgets work under while my KGPL widgets don't.

I can use the media player in my code to play media hosted on Then it will play on and I assume other https sites as well.

This is my solution to the problem. This is not a general solution to this problem. In fact, in general, if you are playing media hosted on another website with a javascript player you will have problems with https. So my solution is very specific to and is only possible because they encourage third party use of their media.

Here is a link to code hosted on KGPL.

Here is a link to that code embedded in an iframe and playing on

I really wouldn't have known where to start on this without your help.