Mix Remix Radio – Creative Commons Remix – April 6, 2019

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Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Creative Commons Library. This mix is mostly jazz so definitely one of my favorites.

Since all the music is Creative Commons it is fine to post the songs with attribution. Here's a list of the albums these songs were drawn from including the duration of the album, the link, and the license. Each song also includes attribution in the filename. Free streaming. Free to download and share.

Album list

27:05 Timezone LaFontaine – Graveyard Shift / Papa Made Out Like a Bandit (https://archive.org/details/BSMX0156) CC BY-NC-SA

31:33 Yeah Whatever by Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet (https://yeahwhateverjazz.bandcamp.com/releases) CC BY-NC-ND

32:29 Kai Engel – Calls and Echoes (LP, 2014) [SCL115] by Kai Engel (https://archive.org/details/SCL115) CC BY-NC-SA

40:17 [SCL159] Pk jazz Collective — The Farewell (https://archive.org/details/SCL159/11_-_What_About_Love.mp3) CC BY-NC-SA

29:57 Looking for a Way Out – Paolo Pavan (https://www.jamendo.com/album/49558/looking-for-a-way-out) CC BY-NC-SA

Song list

01-02-PapaMadeOutLikeaBandit9LivesRemix.mp3 02-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 07 My Delight (Alternate Take).mp3 03-KaiEngel-07-Phantasm.mp3 04-KaiEngel-08-WhentheLightsCameOn.mp3 05-PkjazzCollective02-DontWantYouToBeMine.mp3 06-01-GraveyardShiftFortunaRemix.mp3 07-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 03 My Delight.mp3 08-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 05 Blue Room.mp3 09-KaiEngel-01-Prologue.mp3 10-06-395294-Paolo Pavan-Slow change.mp3 11-KaiEngel-05-VintageFrames.mp3 12-PkjazzCollective08-MaggieMGill.mp3 13-KaiEngel-03-Fairytale.mp3 14-04-395290-Paolo Pavan-Third.mp3 15-04-PapaMadeOutLikeABanditAlbumVersion.mp3 16-PkjazzCollective06-StickyFingers.mp3 17-PkjazzCollective09-LookIntoMyEyes.mp3 18-PkjazzCollective04-KindheartedWoman.mp3 19-01-395291-Paolo Pavan-Looking for a way out.mp3 20-KaiEngel-02-CallsandEchoes.mp3 21-02-395293-Paolo Pavan-Second.mp3 22-03-395289-Paolo Pavan-In praise of Honey Rose.mp3 23-PkjazzCollective10-LoveInVain.mp3 24-05-395292-Paolo Pavan-Pablitos Way.mp3 25-PkjazzCollective03-FeelTheSorrowOfTomorrow.mp3 26-03-GraveyardShiftAlbumVersion.mp3 27-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 02 Blue Silver.mp3 28-PkjazzCollective01-Desert.mp3 29-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 04 Afro Paris.mp3 30-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 01 Yardbird Suite.mp3 31-KaiEngel-04-Raining.mp3 32-PkjazzCollective07-LosingMyLife.mp3 33-KaiEngel-06-TheFlamesofRome.mp3 34-KaiEngel-09-EmbracingtheSunrise.mp3 35-PkjazzCollective05-BirdInACage.mp3 36-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 06 Yardbird Suite (Alternate Take).mp3