New Jazz In Jonesboro – February 9, 2019 – Recap

A fantastic set of jazz standards by The Ken Carroll Trio with guest stars Chris Isom on drums and Joseph Curtis, trumpet, featured Ken Carroll's EWI work. The EWI or Electronic Wind Instrument is a synthesizer that is played like a horn and can sound like any instrument or go off in a world of it's own. The Ken Carroll Trio included Gabe Waters on bass and Hairy Larry, piano and vocals. Closing the set guest star Whitley Newman sang “Summertime”.

Set list. 1. Black Orpheus 2. Yesterday 3. Wave 4. How High The Moon 5. Recordame 6. Autumn Leaves 7. Summertime

Then NJHB played a burning set of jazz originals listed below and recorded the sixteenth NJHB album, “Nichessa”.

  1. Pixellation by Larry Heyl
  2. Neo Soul Jam # 1 by Joseph Curtis
  3. Nichessa by Larry Heyl

This was the first public performance of “Pixellation” and “Nichessa”. “Neo Soul Jam # 1” also appears on the NJHB album, “Blue Goose”.

Playing with NJHB on February 2, 2019 were.

Joseph Curtis – trumpet Dean MacDonald – tenor sax Chase Hoots – alto sax Gabe Waters – bass Chris Isom – drums Jeremy Jackson – guitar Hairy Larry – piano, vocal percussion, vocals

I will include a link to the NJHB album when it is uploaded.