Still recuperating.

Ok, I'm old. It takes more than two days to recover from going to Helena, camping, and playing six sets. Mostly I've been reading and napping. Brandon Sanderson. “The Way Of Kings”. Yes, it's good.

I did listen to the Delta Legends set yesterday. I was laying on the bed while I listened but I didn't fall asleep. It's good too. Guest Legend on the blues harp, Jeffrey T. fit in well with Jeremy and me. How many times do you get to hear a blues quartet with three harmonicas? As Jeremy said, “It's the Philharmonica.”

The songs with Rhode Island Red and Pinky Lee are good too. I never played “Digging My Potatoes” on bass before. And John Shepherd played slide on my song, “My Sticks Always Getting In The Way”. Sounded great with the slide. Real 30s.

I hope to have the set posted to the Live Music Archive soon. Until then here's a link to the Delta Legends CD, “All Over Again”.