Two Hairy Larry and George Shows

Listening to MixRemix Radio these two shows keep popping up and capturing my attention. You can listen to MixRemix Radio at

Hairy Larry Does Dylan

George and I recorded this at Bella'z Restaurant in Jonesboro on July 1, 2011. We started out doing a couple of Dylan songs and that was working out pretty good so I just got out the book. Between songs I'd turn pages looking for the next one. Then George and I would run through it once or twice to decide what chords we were going to play. Then we'd start singing. For over half of the songs in this set this is the first and only time we played the songs.

Hairy Larry and George with Leon McEntire

Two weeks later on July 15, 2011 we played at The Edge. I invited Leon to sit in with us. I've played with Leon many times but this was a rare treat having him with Hairy Larry and George. Leon plays jazz and blues so we didn't have to restrict our repertoire at all. Just look below, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and then moving into the jazz set with “Route 66” and “All Of Me” then back to the Dylan with “Visions Of Johanna”. Leon was definitely up to all of it. George and I were singing great. This has to go down as one of my favorite Hairy Larry and George shows.

I love music and so do you. Enjoy!