Two Rehearsals

On Monday we had a rhythm section rehearsal on “Marx Brothers Suite”. There are four pieces in the suite, in different keys and at different tempos, with written transitions. So each transition had to be worked out and practiced. The four pieces are “Chico's Piano”, Harpo's Horn”, “Zeppo And Gummo”, and “Groucho's Cigar”. Two of them have already been recorded and released. Here's links in case you want to listen.

Hairy Larry – Bop Soup – Harpo's Horn

BebopBeatniks – Leaves – Groucho's Cigar

The other two songs are slower, so the suite is slow, fast, slow, fast. I'm really looking forward to getting this performed.

On Tuesday we rehearsed “Elphonium”, jazz, multimedia, and spoken word. The story, “Elphonium” was inspired by the artwork, “Elphonium”, from deviantart, which I use with permission.

I am also using fantasy art by Arthur Rackham drawn in the early 1900s, now in the public domain.

I picked pieces to fit the story. Vivian and I cut all non essential verbiage to make it short enough to fit in the song.

At rehearsal we decided on a strategy in case the written word part runs over it's allotted space. We had to do this because the piece sounded better at a slightly faster tempo leaving a little less space for the reading.

I recorded it on my phone because I wanted to hear the marimbas and vibraphone, two instruments that are very difficult to synthesize. So I'm really happy with that and I think we only need one more rehearsal before we perform it.

The recital is planned for Friday, November 16, the last day before Thanksgiving break. Besides these two pieces we will also have songs played by the Jazz Recital Band and the 11:00 Small Group.