Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Today is Wednesday and I lead the Praise Band at the Brookland United Methodist Church Ignite Service. This is a contemporary worship service with a large youth attendance. My ministry is to teach those who are interested in playing in the Praise Band. So some weeks I'm covered with students and some weeks I have none. Our pianist, Jackie, helps me with this. Everyone is welcome. We eat at 6:00 and the service starts at 7:00.

Thursday at 7:30 the ASU jazz bands will be playing at the Fowler Center. I won't be playing at this concert but I attend all the jazz concerts whether I'm playing or not. Why not? It's free and it's great music. And those are my friends up on the stage.

Friday I will be going to the NEA Game Fest in Hoxie, Arkansas. “NEA Game Fest will feature open gaming, game demos, board games, RPGs, miniature games, tournaments and more.”

It's a charity event. “The NEA Gamers Guild is excited to be able to run this convention and bring awareness to The Children's Shelter. We hope you join us in 2018!”

It's my kids putting on this event. With lots of help of course. So it's a family thing to me.

Here's the event page on facebook.

Saturday at 7:00 is New Jazz in Jonesboro in the Round Room at the Public Library. Here's the hype.

New Jazz In Jonesboro Saturday, October 13 At 7:00 pm In The Round Room At The Jonesboro Public Library

Common Time NJHB

Common Time plays jazz standards. NJHB, the New Jazz House Band, will read original charts. Guest musicians and composers are welcome to perform with NJHB.

Thanks to the musicians and to the library for making this possible.

Please use the outside entrance to the Round Room. This concert is free and open to the public.

Here's the Facebook event page.

So that's the story of my life. It's good to be busy.