Call for Code 2020

The submissions are now open the the 3rd annual Call for Code. This is an inititve from IBM to encourage developers to use their skills to help work on solutions towards tackling climate change. Here is a short video from Willie Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate introducing Call for Code:

You could have chance to win $200k and deploy your solution worldwide.

The submissions are now open, go to the Call for Code website to register your interest.

This year, we also have included a challenge related to COVID-19, running in parallel to the climate change challenge.

So IBM are calling on all peers across our industry to take on the challenge. We are calling on you — the world's technologists — to build solutions to combat the effects of COVID-19 in the following areas: Crisis communication, remote education, community cooperation.

8 out of 10 developers, first responders and activists agree that Climate Change is something that can be reduced or combatted with technology.

Commit to the Cause. Push for Change. Answer the Call.