Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da)

So, I have written about Vietnamese Coffee before. But despite being a big fan of it, I've never before had it iced. Well today it is a nice hot (for the UK) 25 degree day. Not quite as warm as Hanoi, which is currently about 35 degrees. But still... hot enough for my mind to wander towards iced coffee.

This post is part of my coffee series of posts, a full list of which is available here.

I'm someone who generally likes their coffee black. I occasionally have a flat white or cappuccino, but never drink just 'regular' coffee with milk or sugar.

In the summer I occasionally have an iced coffee in a cafe, but never really considered making one at home. No idea why, it is simple enough, just never thought of it.

Vietnamese coffee is generally done in one of two ways, either hot (how I generally do it) or over ice. Given the temperature in Vietnam, the iced version has obvious appeal. So I thought I'd make the iced version today.... and wow! It is amazing. Normally coffee goes very bitter when cold and needs sugar to balance it. But the condensed milk in this works really well.

I am also using Trung Nguyên Vietnamese coffee. My local asian supermarket stocks it, and whilst I'm generally all for fresh roast beans and grinding, this pre-ground coffee works so well for this.

I have a traditional small metal filter called a 'Phin' that I bought on ebay for a few pounds.