Things to note after hair transplant helps hair growth

After hair transplantation, you need to pay attention to: sleep

After hair transplant surgery, for 生髮中心邊間好 large hair transplants, hairline and sideburns need more attention:

In the back of the head, the hair follicles have just been removed, so when choosing a pillow, it is important to choose a softer and more comfortable one.

When sleeping, the pillow should also be appropriately padded to help improve the post-operative recovery, blood circulation 竹因子生髮 and reduce the swelling of the patient's head.

Hair transplantation: washing hair

It is recommended that we should not touch the hair transplant area easily for 7-10 days after hair transplantation. If there is a slight discomfort and itching, you can gently wipe it with sterile saline.

7 days after the surgery, the hair follicles are growing well, you can go to the hospital this time to check and clean the scabs.

After half a month, you can wash your hsl 生髮 hair normally, but it is recommended to use a neutral, non-irritating shampoo.

What to expect after hair transplantation: Life

After hair transplantation, you should avoid. Spicy and stimulating foods, smoking and alcohol consumption should be suspended.

Try not to stay up late, maintain good sleep habits and keep a good mood.

Within five days after hair transplantation, we should not lift and carry heavy objects or do strenuous exercises, and at the same time, we can avoid excessive development of the enterprise bending forward; avoid strenuous rotation of the head and the whole body.

We will clean up the blood scabs in the hair transplant area for you when you arrive at the hospital 7 days after the surgery, and you should not avoid diluting them with your hands.

What to pay attention to after hair transplantation: Doctor's orders

After hair transplantation, you should take anti-inflammatory medication as directed. If you feel uncomfortable after surgery, you should take pain medication (under the supervision of a professional doctor). The use of anticoagulants similar to aspirin is prohibited.

In 1-2 months the hair system enters a dormant period, you can be prescribed some medicine in the hospital that has the ability to promote the growth of human hair. The development of long drugs is optimized for topical application, so that the hair follicles grow earlier in combination. Generally in about 6 months, the whole hair transplant effect study will come out.