RV Bedlift Kits

When it comes to utilizing the available space in your RV, you’ll find plenty of clever hacks. One of our favorite hacks would have to be an RV bed lift. If you are not familiar with rv bedliftkits and you want to purchase them then you are come at right place.

Here are the types of RV BedLift Kits:

  1. Bedlift Kit – X Small Compartment 19” x 23”
  2. Bedlift Kit-Std-Lite (Foam Beds)
  3. Bedlift Kit – Small Compartment 24”– 30”
  4. Bedlift Kit – Queen (BLK-STD)
  5. Bedlift Kit – King (BLK-HVY)

Where to Buy an RV Bed Lift : https://www.hatchlift.com/bedlift-kits