I Hate Startups

After having worked at a lot of horrible tech startups there is now a pattern that immediately makes me not want to be part of any of it.

If any product people reads the books INSPIRED or EMPOWERED. Don’t get me wrong, they are actually interesting books. But there is a certain personality associated with CPOs that are into these books, and seeing them implement these systems are pure horrors.

If the CEO is writing too many inspirational posts on LinkedIn, I’m out. I’ve seen significant organisational changes happen only so they could be communicated in an inspiring way on LinkedIn. The CEO personality starter pack is getting really boring.

If the company is mainly funded by VCs and if their current goal is working towards a new round of investment, I’m out. VC controlled companies will never make a good product, but rather a good investment for the board. Options, warrants or stocks are usually worthless for the employee but nice for the board.

If the CTO has no prior experience with being a leader. I’m done with first-time CTOs that are mainly interested in programming and not in leading and growing people. You are not qualified just because you are friends with the CEO or because you are a co-founder.


This is post 4 out of 1000. I have a stupid goal of writing 1000 unedited 200-word-posts.