A Compromise?

I've been continuing to harass my apartment complex about the non-existent recycling, but haven't done a good job of documenting because I really, really believe lawsuits should be the absolute last resort after every other possible solution has been investigated. I'm committed to seeking a positive solution, but I don't understand where the company is coming from and I haven't been able to stop focusing on what's been happening instead of what can happen.

I was explaining to my good, super-smart friend Polly what's been happening, why I care, and how scared I am of potential retaliations and eventual eviction from an apartment that I love.

There's an article in the Summer 2019 JoCo Magazine about businesses that have adopted green practices. “All of the 2019 awardees started by working with Johnson County staff through the free consultation program offered by DHE as part of their Green Business program. In addition to the free consultation, the department offers $500 in financial assistance for eligible projects . . . .” I was saying to Polly that I want to take a copy of the article to the office. “You do it” she said. “They're just doing their jobs and they've got bigger fish to fry. So you do it.”

Told ya! Polly is brilliant! I care about recycling and would so much rather spend my time working to install a robust program in my community than snapping pictures of dumpsters and harassing people.

I've sent the article to the apartment management and have asked that they let me work with DHE on starting and maintaining a recycling program.

Ball's in your court B&H. I hope you're willing to play.