Closed Work Order

We've heard “closed work order” before, but this one is exciting because the issue has finally been fixed. There have been nine closed work orders since February 1st regarding the leaky washing machine. Even after the leak was fixed it still took one more additional work order to get the job completely done. That's just how we roll at The Club.

Here it is: 7/12 Closed work order “Found a 4” floor clean out had it's cap laying off to the side and sewer gas coming out. Reinstalled cap and sealed it. That should help.”

Ya think? Snake and Rooter supposedly came on Friday 7/1, which means my neighbors and I had been subjected to this smell that vacillated between unpleasant and horrific for eleven days. And not a single one of my neighbors thought that reporting it to the office would result in the problem being fixed.

If you move to The Club you can expect to be your own property manager, only you won't have the power to take care of anything yourself.