Guerilla Gardening

It's official. I am a guerilla gardener. Not a good one, mind you. But I am a guerilla gardener.

Last fall, when I had a yard, I popped the heads off the dead zinnias, dried out the seeds, and saved them in a brown paper lunch sack. When I moved to an apartment, I brought the seeds along, but had no where to plant the massive amount.

Every morning, Max and I walk between thirty and sixty minutes and we see a number of dirt and weed patches along the hike and bike trails. So I started filling my pocket and dropping seeds any place I saw naked ground.

All spring and into summer I've been looking. Hoping to see results. And I hadn't seen a single zinnia. Until last weekend. There are three rogue zinnias to the east of Antioch just as the trail turns south under 435.

If you're out biking or hiking and see one of these few intrepid survivors, that was me.