Happy Birthday to Me

Anyone who knows me well, knows I don’t really celebrate my birthday. I smile and accept your condolences (ha! Your Happy Birthdays, rather) but try to fly under the radar. It never ceases to amaze me how many people acknowledge my special day on FB, and I actually enjoy being reminded that my friend pool runs wide and deep.

Rather than pretend it doesn’t exist, this year, I’m actually going to ask for a present.

A number of months ago, I met someone. Her name is Daisy and she’s lovely. Like all us lovely people, she’s having a hard time fitting in. Daisy, you see, loves running amok.

I love Daisy and had told the rescue she belongs to that I would adopt her when I got settled in my house, provided I could keep Daisy in the yard. Instead of focusing on teaching Daisy fence manners, I unwisely took in a second foster puppy, Miles. I adore Miles. When Daisy breached the perimeter, I was extremely frustrated. Everything was ruined. 

If you’ve known me for a long time, you remember I once had a dog that controlled every aspect of my life. That was Sha Sha. I loved Sha Sha more than anything . . . and I can’t do that again. So I rescinded my offer to adopt Daisy (even though I know I eventually will). The problem is, I can’t afford regular training with a trainer and Daisy’s just beyond my training skills. So the burden falls to the already cash-strapped rescue.

I am confident that Daisy will learn to be happy living with me. I’ve already committed to getting her out for long walks and WOGs (½ walk/ ½ jog). We’ve already taken 2 WOGs and it’s unclear whether Daisy is killing me, or saving my life (I’ve become a woman of unusual size with the BP to match). We’ve met with the trainer once and I work our exercises every day. And I continue to reinforce the fence as she finds new and exciting ways to spring herself.

My dream for Daisy is that she can bask in the sun, under the watchful eye of no one other than birds and clouds. My wish is that she never be chained or confined to a tiny yard with a tall fence; she’s so curious . . . she watches everything. My hope is that she’ll learn her home and family are all she really needs

Here’s where you come in. This year, instead of donuts or cake, I’m asking for donations to Lucky 13 Rescue. $4. $5. Anything. Even prayers for me and Daisy are appreciated. Follow them on FB and shop at their auctions or go to Hamburger Mary’s on their night. Buy a t-shirt for your stocking-stuffers! Whichever you choose, I thank you. Daisy thanks you. All the dogs in their care thank you. 

Thank you.  I can’t wait for you to meet her :–)