Open Letter to My Christian Friends

As you congratulate yourselves on the overturning of Roe V. Wade, it’s important to point out that the language you use to justify your celebration makes you duplicitous, self-serving, and ignorant of God’s will.

I quit reading the bible when I realized I don’t want to be like people who read the bible. But you do, so maybe you can help me find support for your arguments in the book you claim to love.

God gave man free will. Not Jason’s will. Not Amanda’s will. Free will. Show me an instance in the bible where Jesus forced his will on someone else. Maybe he did. I’d like to see an example. Until then, it’s not God’s will, it’s your will.

The supreme court justices that overturned Roe V. Wade lied to gain their positions of power. Your children are watching and you just told them it’s OK to lie if it gets you what you want. Show me a time in the bible when Jesus used the end to justify the means.

Christians like to apologize for the trauma you’ve experienced when you push back against their double-standards. Look in the mirror. That’s where you’ll see my trauma. When you don’t study history alongside the “good” book, we are doomed to repeat it. Overturning Roe V. Wade has nothing to do with abortion. They’re coming for anyone who isn’t a CIS-gendered white man. And we know from history, you won’t lift a finger to stop them.

When you picket fertility clinics as vehemently as you do Planned Parenthood, I might stop believing you’ve made god in your own image instead of the other way around. If every christian who’s utilized invitro fertilization, or other fertility treatments, had instead adopted one of the babies they claim to care about . . . I might feel differently.

If christians had used their collective voice to change the health outcomes for pregnant women, especially those of color and from indigenous communities . . . I might feel differently.

Had you collectively shown up for anyone ever . . . I might feel differently.

Now that church is no longer separated from state, will christians finally step up and demand a government that upholds it’s own doctrines? No. No, you won’t. I read history and I have no faith.