Dumpster Raccoon

This little guy seems to be in a spot of trouble. Max and I were walking past the country club and we veered towards the dumpster to leave a deposit. I peeked in to make sure it wasn't a recycling dumpster and he was just laying there on his back breathing hard. It was hot, and I assume he'd been there a little while.

We headed back to where a landscaper was working at the front entrance and he said he would go to the shed and get a board for the raccoon to climb out on.

Max and I continued on our way and the landscaper continued doing his job. Seriously! Who does their job when there's a little raccoon in distress?

No worries. I dragged a large branch from the vacant lot next door and propped it in the dumpster, hoping the little dude would take it from there. On my way to work, I rubber-necked and saw that the branch had been removed and there was a 2 X 6 in its place. That landscaper is redeemed (for now).

On the way home, I rubber-necked again and the board was gone. I choose to believe that racoon is safe and sound in his nest, only a little worse for the wear.