7/3/10 Work Order Hi Brea, Thanks for the phone call. I put my mostly empty Valet Trash receptacle in the hallway next to my recycling as instructed. This morning, it has still not been picked up. Please advise.

UPDATE 7/2/19 Brea called to tell me that I have to put my Valet Trash Service trash can out with my recycling, even if it's empty so that the trash guy knows I'm receiving the service. I asked if I could cancel the service and she said, no because it's a required service across all B&H Management properties.

7/2/19 Work Order: My neighbors trash got picked up last night, but my recycling is still sitting in the hallway. I believe it is properly contained. Will you please investigate why it didn't get picked up?

Thank you.

3/6/19 Work Order: Will you please either pick up my recycling, or communicate why it's not getting picked up? It's been in the hallway, at the designated time, in clear bluish bags, just like what you told me to buy, for three nights. It's still sitting there.This is the third time either my trash or recycling hasn't gotten picked up, while my neighbors trash/recycling has been. They'll sometimes pick up one, but not the other.