Work Order

2/11/19 Work Order: The Washer in 10308 is not draining properly and the floor has standing, soapy water. Work Order Closed: No washer in this apartment.....

3/26/19 Pulled from an email regarding other issues: The work orders I have submitted have included the slow bathtub drain. I ended up snaking it myself, as I never received a response. It was nasty with not only hair, but caulk and paint. This could have easily been taken care of during apartment cleanup. The shared washer in the basement still leaks, leaving a lake each time it's run. That work order was closed without resolution because “there is no washer in that unit”.

4/6/19 This is a PS to another issue I contacted the office about via email: PS The washer in the basement still leaks. If the company you contract that service out to has been to look at it, they didn’t address the issue entirely. Maybe they’re waiting on a part?

4/22/19 Work Order: The washer in the basement of 10308 Conser St. still leaks. It's not in an individual apartment, it's the shared washer in the basement. Work Order Closed: Ran drain clean through drain. 4/24/19: Resident response to closed work order: Thank you for working on this. I did a load last night and the washer still leaks a little bit, but nearly as badly as before. Now, the washer is out of order. The LED says “EnFlow Out of Order”.

5/5/19 Work Order: The washer in the basement of 10308 is out of order. 5/6/19 Work order response: Will be assigned to Jetz. 5/7/19 Called Jetz. They have put this on the schedule and should be out sometime before Friday 5/10/19. Closed work order: Closing this work order as work will be completed by the vendor that owns the machines.

6/15/19 I went to the office to add money to my Jetzervice account. Before leaving I stopped and talk the office assistant that the washer 10308 still leaked. She said she would open a ticket with Jetzservice. I responded that they had been out and that maybe it’s a plumbing issue. She responded that she would also have maintenance come look at it. I asked if I should also open a ticket and she said no, she was doing it.

6/27/19 I did laundry on 6/25/19. The washer still leaks, there has been no ticket opened, nor any communication regarding action taken. New ticket opened: The washer in the basement of 10308 still leaks. Not a dribble. It's a serious leak.