You Can't Handle Daisy!

Please. Everyone. Please stop trying to adopt Daisy. Yes, I know she’s pretty. In fact, she’s beautiful; inside and out. But she’s so much more than just a pretty face, and You Can’t Handle Her.

Got a fenced yard? Daisy don’t care; she’s not staying in it. Daisy is a long distance sprinter, so your yard isn’t going to satisfy her exercise needs. If you’re counting on your yard, you can’t handle Daisy.

Is your job flexible? Good! Because if you oversleep, Daisy don’t care. She needs a long, long walk. A run would be better. Hungover? Daisy don’t care. Get up and take her on a long, long walk. If you can’t be late, or walk (run is better) when you feel puny, you can’t handle Daisy.

Got lots of money? Good! Daisy actually does care about that. She loves doggie daycare.

Got a dog already? Good! Daisy needs companionship and a playmate. Is your dog confident enough to tell Daisy when he doesn’t want to play? No? Your dog can’t handle Daisy. Do you have the leadership skills to tell her for your dog? No? You can’t handle Daisy.

Got cats? Good! Daisy loves cats. They’re so fun to talk to and run amok with. Are your cats super-chill? Daisy don’t care. Unless your cat loves being chased and joyfully yelled at, your cat can’t handle Daisy.

You know the tiredness in your bones after a grueling day at the office? Daisy don’t care! She’s ready for another walk. A run would be better.

Don’t like dogs on the furniture? Daisy don’t care. Neither do I. Don’t like dogs in your bed? Daisy don’t care. She’s a full-body snuggler and we think you’re weird. You can’t handle Daisy!

Are you an active and engaged human looking for an active and engaged dog? A dog that can be included in all your daily activities? Do you have a solid plan for when she can’t be? Are you not threatened by girls who are smarter than you? Will you take Daisy to a trainer and learn her love language? Are you a confident leader for Daisy and the other pets in your home?

If you answered yes to this last set of questions, I’m giving you the side-eye and wondering if you might just be able to handle Daisy.

Daisy currently resides at a boarding facility in Cleveland, Missouri. Request to meet her at