The Hidden Children

the rest of the Alexandrians


We have read your sanctimonious blog and your self-righteous Facebook rambles. As someone who criticizes witches in social media, you have become quite the social media witch yourself, complete with glamour shot. We have, with gritted teeth been following this for quite some time but now we have had enough of your hypocrisy. With boring repetitiousness these posts are invariably ‘reprimands from Maxine,' a written “slap on the wrist” because of something that someone said or wrote somewhere. For some reason you always have to answer. As a trained High Priestess of the Craft, we would have expected that you would be able to exercise more self-control. Now you have announced a ‘Grand Sabbat’ for the purpose of ‘healing the rifts of the Craft today.’ What Craft are you talking about? Your Craft or our Craft? We honestly do not know – what you have been describing lately as what 'Alexandrians' do is so far from what Alex taught in London and after, that it is mind-boggling. You should mind that some of us are and have been running groups for quite some time. It is entirely inappropriate that you should talk about “the Alexandrians” when the majority of us do not agree with nor condone your “teachings” and opinions. Your message of healing is both surprising and ironic since you are the one who started the rifts “back in the day” as you say. Those “Alexandrians” who abide by your rules are a couple of Initiates who follow your lead, star struck or otherwise and have not the courage to say “No” to you – in other words, their alliance to you is empty. You dare to call those who wish to inform others of the facts, ‘oath breakers.’ Even when you say you are extending an ‘olive branch’ to those who have ‘grudges,’ you criticize those who have reason to refuse this invitation and then use the refusal as ammunition against them. Are we all supposed to submit to your summons and go? Can we not decide for ourselves and not be called names or the ‘Minority’?

You mention that some of the initiates' training is “lacking.” We are wondering how exactly do you access this information? We don't recall you being a guest in our circles recently or indeed ever. How do you evaluate the training of an initiate if not within a magic circle? Training is a practical discipline, so how do you go about this if not in practice inside of a circle with them? Unless, of course, this is just a guess based on your need to vilify and discredit some of the current teachers of the Alexandrian Craft.

It seems that everyone “lacks” training except of course you and those you work with, and even then your opinion seems to fluctuate frequently. It is only good training when you or those you appoint give it, and only when you can measure it. You have placed yourself in the position of judge and jury of other teachers training and whether or not others lack the training you think is “complete” or proper (whatever that means), with no practical evidence of this. You might have your opinions (we all have), but sensible Priesthood would not go about making empty statements like this, made directly to discredit teachers other than yourself, for years. This is in direct conflict with the laws of the Craft. One should not interfere directly or indirectly with other teachers, students or groups. Please read the laws and mind your own circle and your circle alone.

We all have our cupboard skeletons which some of us, looking back will even laugh about now. But don’t forget, as we do so too do you, and we know this to be true because we were there at the time when you hid them in the cupboard. Some of us even helped you do it. So when you are so keen to throw stones, think twice because everyone’s house is made of glass, including yours.

There are plenty of examples of this, through the experience of those who suffered from it.

Your coven, your rules, which of course you could apply to your own group, but not to all of us so please note:

Your rules do not make the Alexandrian Tradition. Your methods do not make the Alexandrian Tradition. You do not make the Alexandrian Tradition.

Stop including all of us in it. We are not members of your Coven! Stop making public statements about “the Alexandrians” as if we were all trained by you or have to abide by your rules. These are your rules, not the Tradition’s.

We do not need your grand pontifical statements. We are initiates of the Alexandrian Tradition, independent from you and your advice. Your version of “historical accuracy” which is the product of a faulty memory or just plain lying is not required because some of us were there and often when you weren’t. Don’t try to hide your passive aggressiveness behind your willingness to inform or to correct others, or to answer “those who asked.” You are not the only one who knows – we do too. You only remember the remarkable events that can make you seem grand or interesting when in conversation with others, or when in the company of those who do not know you well and who are willing to believe everything you say. You have written a book of lies.

The Alexandrian Tradition does not revolve around you, and it doesn’t end with you. It didn’t stop with Alex either. The Alexandrian Tradition is made of all of us – the initiates that you so readily dismiss as a minority. And yes we did have good training; some of us directly from Alex. Focus on your own circle and magic instead of creating ‘Grand Sabbats’ where you can have a platform for self-aggrandisement.

The sadness of it is that those who do not know, take you “seriously.” This is only because you use Alex’s name to validate or justify most of the statements you make. You need his name to validate your ego and attach that ‘past’ to make your present valid. You cannot stand alone and you are still living in the shadow of the man. How many times did Alex have to go to London to “fix” what you had done? How many? He didn’t “enjoy” going to the Temple of the Mother. He went there to fix what you had broken because you didn’t have the natural ability nor the training to fix it by yourself. Later on, you report this quite differently. You mention that “Alex loved to go to London and attend the rituals of the Temple of the Mother.” What you aren’t aware of is what he would say about them when he returned from there. He took the Power that he had lent you at your initiation because “You have usurped your position of authority.” These are Alex’s words. Now you are repeating the same again. You are in no position to tell the public how Alexandrians practice the Craft other than your own students because you cannot speak for us all. In truth you can only speak about your experience but even that is far from accurate.

Now let us tell you about the minority. You are the minority. We who stand here are entirely fed up with your bitterness masquerading as good intentions. A letter of kindness and genuine good intent does not contain passive-aggressive writing.

What we say is not based on hearsay, we do not presume or assume anything, and we are not cantankerous. Perhaps because we do attend to our circles and have magic to do. We were not all initiated by you. In fact very few of us were and we are many, not that you have any notion of how big the Tradition is at this point in time.

We would like to know how you will, in all conscience be able to stand in Truth in that Circle at the Grand Sabbat of Healing, knowing that you have alienated, divided and caused rifts for years? Now a Grand Sabbat is going to solve this?

All of that is just a big bag of air and it is as empty as your circles and your ‘good intentions.’ We do not need your Grand Sabbats of Healing. There is no healing to be done. Your altruism is a farce that is fuelled only by your selfishness. The Craft pertains to our covens and you are not part of them.

Those around you should know that you are not who you portray yourself to be. You have hurt many along the way, and your methods have not done any good for the Craft. You have brought disrepute to the Craft many times over the years. Your vanity blinds you and those around you. If you are going to say something, be a proper High Priestess and say it with dignity and grace, with love and compassion because your bitterness is showing in everything you write.

We disown you as a sister of the Craft as you no longer serve the Craft we know and love. Perhaps when you wake up from this delusional voyage, fuelled by your own ego and the company you keep, you will see how silly you sound and how little wisdom you own.

The truth will out and time will see us through.

~ The rest of the Alexandrians